The title of chapter 138

could be a reference to the tarot card 16, The Tower, which forms part of the fool’s journey

being the figures that fall Furuta and Matsuri respectively

The description of this tarot card says this:

“How can the Fool free himself from the Devil? Can he root out his influence? The Fool may only find release through the sudden change represented by the Tower (16). The Tower is the ego fortress each of us has built around his beautiful inner core. Gray, cold and rock-hard, this fortress seems to protect but is really a prison.

Sometimes only a monumental crisis can generate enough power to smash the walls of the Tower. On Card 16 we see an enlightening bolt striking this building. It has ejected the occupants who seem to be tumbling to their deaths. The crown indicates they were once proud rulers; now they are humbled by a force stronger than they.

The Fool may need such a severe shakeup if he is to free himself, but the resulting revelation makes the painful experience worthwhile. The dark despair is blasted away in an instant, and the light of truth is free to shine down.”

Based on this, the tower would symbolize the CCG, which was being controled in the shadows by the Clowns, V and the Washus, thing that has corrupted an institution that fought by justice.

Thanks to Urie’s actions and Marude’s movements among others, the dark secret has been revealed (at the cost of many lives), perhaps causing in the future a change within the institution that favors both species.

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It’s the same flower that appeared in ch. 138’s cover. It’s called a hyacinth orchid, a Shiran in Japanese (that’s how you pronounce the title of the chapter actually) but more specifically, a Bletilla striata. It was also mentioned in TG Zakki what the flower was called.

In flower language it means:

  • Do not forget me.
  • I will not forget you.
  • Let us not forget each other.
  • Unwavering love. (I looked it up again and apparently, it can also mean this.)
  • A love that fades. (This too.)

It is also connected with the YJ cover for the last chapter which had Kaneki on it and it said:

Remember me. Even though I can no longer see the world.

This is how the flower looks like IRL.

Birds and Scarecrows

We have confirmed in ch 138 that the ghoul Scarecrow is in fact Nagachika Hideyoshi, Kaneki’s best friend

There is a Japanese legend that talks about The Wise Scarecrow. 

This scarecrow known as Kuebiko appears for the first time in the chronicles of the Kokiji, and is presented as an entity of extreme wisdom that knows everything, which is worshipped as the god of scholarship and wisdom.

Although scarecrows are used as objects to ward off birds (even in Japan), there is an history that tells that japanese farmers placed scarecrows in their fields so that the mountain god would live in them during the autumn, time during which the birds would whisper to him the secrets of the world. Being thus the birds the source of wisdom of the god Kuebiko.

In Tokyo Ghoul Kanou compared the world with a bird cage, the structure being the rules and guidelines that govern it, which were created by V and the Washu

and the creatures inhabited it the caged birds, which are unable to fly freely.

Although the birds are usually associated with the ghoul species

The truth is that Ghoul investigators were compared with birds too when being called in code by ghouls as “Doves”

Being thus the birds that whisper to the Scarecrow of tokyo ghoul, ghouls and humans alike.

This would fit with the character of Hide along Tokyo Ghoul :re, since as we have observed it seems that he cooperates with both sides, with the human side through Marude and the CCG

and with the ghouls through Amon 

and possibly Anteiku, being him the one that possibly informed them of Rushima island

which would explain why they were there Tsukiyama and the others while the incident of Cochlea happened.

Thus during all these years Hide as well as Kuebiko, would have entered in both worlds, listening to the whispers of the birds and acquiring wisdom.