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a/n: just another one shot based on a song cause im a sucker for those lmao and the end is v v lame im sorry


no, we’re not friends
nor have we ever been
we just try to keep
this secret in our lives

from the beginning, calum knew he would never be able to see you only as a friend. the way you smiled at the lamest jokes and how you always prepared his coffee exactly the way he liked it when he stopped by your place were the things that often popped on his mind whenever someone talked about you.

he knew it, you knew it, all of his friends knew it, but he didn’t want anyone else to know it too. the beauty of a secret was knowing you’re supposed to keep it, as he heard from a song you blasted on his car when he handed you the aux cord. he liked this sweet secret but felt like he couldn’t step forward while he had it. often on the spotlight was his place and he didn’t want to bother you with the stuff he was used to, so he didn’t take the final step. he didn’t ask you to be his but he knew you were; you liked the sensation of being securely wrapped in his arms and the kisses he would place on your temple while you spent time among friends. so you did belong to him, not because you were asked to but because you were willing to.

but if they find out
will it all go wrong?
and heaven knows
no one wants it to
so i could take the back road
but your eyes will lead me
straight back home

it was impossible not to notice calum’s colours after he had met you. a delighted smile always made its way to his face when he remembered he had you to welcome him home whenever.

but home wasn’t a place anymore. it wasn’t four walls and a shelter. it was the smell of coffee and your green apples shampoo. it was two arms ready to be wrapped around his waist and a head that rested on his chest while he placed a kiss on top of it. it was walking around the wooden floor of your house with his socks on and having you complaining they were going to get dirty. it was the way you always shared your earbuds with him and showed him new songs you found out and figured he would like it. it was your tired smiles after a long day. it was the feeling of your lips in touch with his. it was you.

everyone noticed the new sparkle on his eyes and how happy he looked. no one but his friends knew the real reason, assuming it was being back on the stages with the upcoming tour or the soon release of his band’s new album. he couldn’t pretend it wasn’t that too but he was even more satisfied to have that as an excuse of his outbursting happiness caused by you. he still liked to keep you as his secret, believing that if too many people knew about it, it could all go wrong.

his friends were grateful for you and his fans were too. though they didn’t know it, they didn’t want that smile to fade away from his face. no one did.

and if you know me
like i know you
you should love me
you should know

he still hadn’t asked you yet. he thought you didn’t need the question and his lack of attempt upset you sometimes.

to everyone, you were friends and, sadly, you actually still were. but you knew and he knew that the feelings were bigger than that. you both knew the love that rested peacefully on each other’s chest but didn’t attempt to give it attention yet.

he was talking about his friend’s previous public relationship as you sat on your couch across from him. you knew that, if he was to make things official, he wanted to make it to everyone. to the world. and you weren’t quite sure if you were ready for that and neither was calum about himself.

above all, he was afraid of the commitment. afraid of being responsible for one’s heart even if he already was. afraid of hurting and getting hurt. he was afraid that he might not ever be ready for that, so he simply let things be as the way they were. he still didn’t take the step forward but he also didn’t dare to take a step back.

friends just sleep in another bed
and friends don’t treat me
like you do
and i know that there’s a limit to everything
but my friends won’t love me like you

the fan spinning on the ceiling was the only thing to be heard apart from calum breathing softly. his skin was warm against yours as you laid on your bed, your head on his chest and his inked arm snaked around your waist. your fingers played endlessly with his and he stared at them, a small smile curving his lips up.

he felt his chest warm and it wasn’t even because you were laying on top of it; it was warm inside. you made his heart feel warm.

he was lying if he said he had never felt something like that before. pouring his heart into a song and running his fingers through the strings of his bass also gave him that feeling. doing that in the company of his best friends gave him that feeling, but you were something else. the warmth was different, it was something none of his friends could ever make him feel. it felt like he belonged to that moment and to you. it felt like finally reaching something he didn’t even know he was searching for. he felt at ease and like his life was complete at last.

you shifted on his arm and he, only then, realised you had stopped playing with his fingers. you were now supporting the weight of your torso with your elbows, facing calum with an intrigued expression.

“what are you thinking about?” you questioned.

he raised his free hand and flew it to your hair, running his fingers subconsciously through it. he stared into your eyes a bit more, enjoying the feeling of getting lost in them, before opening his mouth to finally answer.

“us” he replied simply.

you tilted your head to the side a bit and gave him a teethless smile.

“me too,” you stated, matter-of-factly. “i think i love you.”

calum grinned.

he wasn’t taken aback. it was no surprise to him that you felt the same way as he did, but hearing the proper words pleased him in a way not even finally finishing a particular hard song could.

“i think i love you too.”

we’re not friends
we could be anything
if we tried to keep those secrets safe
no one will find out
if it all went wrong
they’ll never know
what we’ve been through

“so what is your big worry then, calum?” you raised your voice at last.

you stood in the middle of your kitchen, your arms wide open as though you were waiting for a believable answer. you could already feel the hot tears drowning your eyes but you would not let them fall, though you wanted to get rid of them so you could look at calum’s rigid face properly and not like an image out of focus.

you were exhausted. you were used to being introduced as a friend and you were also used to not being shown affection in places that other people than calum’s band mates were, but you finally had it. you were tired of pretending. tired of acting that something that clearly did happen, didn’t exist. it was the last drop, and it was enough to overflow what you had being hiding deep down inside.

“it’s not a big of a deal y/n, honestly” calum spoke, keeping his eyes on anything but you.

“it may not be for you,” your voice cracked and you settled your arms down. “but it hurts me when you tell people we have nothing and look at me as if we really didn’t. we’re not fucking friends and you know it!”

he crossed his arms, his gaze still on the corner of the room opposite from you. he chewed on the inside of his cheek as he replayed the moment on his head one more time.

you needed to go grocery shopping when calum appeared on your front door and he decided to go with you. you were analysing the shelf in front of you with calum on your side, keeping a considerable distance between you two, when an old lady walked in your direction. calum stepped a little bit closer to you to give her some space to reach whatever she wanted from the shelf, but she kindly smiled at him and shook her hand in refusal.

“no dear,” she said. “i’m just passing and wanted to let you know what a cute couple you two are.”

calum looked back at the old lady in shock and then at you. his eyes were wide open as if the woman had just told him an atrocity. he quickly looked sideways to make sure no one had heard what she said and you turned your gaze down at your own feet.

“we’re-” he started, looking from the lady to you and noticing your sudden change of mood. “we’re not a couple.”

he peeked at your hurtful figure with almost apologising eyes but still trying to remain convincing. the lady looked at him as if she didn’t buy it but walked away anyway.

now, on the low light of your kitchen, he avoided watching the tears that started to run down your cheeks. a long sigh escaped his lips and he finally gathered the courage to look in your direction.

“i’m sorry,” he mumbled. “i never meant to hurt you. god, that’s the last thing i’ve ever wanted, but i couldn’t take the risk of someone else hearing if i just thanked her.”

you shook your head, not really knowing why, and saw calum walking slowly to you. he reached out for your body, pulling your shoulders in his direction. you let him involve you in his warmth and calmed down with your head on the curve of his neck. once the tears had finally stopped, you looked up.

“i’m sorry too,” you whispered. “it’s just that… the way you looked at me, it almost felt like we really didn’t have anything.”

“but we do,” he reminded you, each of his hands on one of your shoulders as he looked right into your eyes. “and i love you.”

“then what is your big worry?” you repeated softly but hoping for an answer.

“i don’t want to end this,” he explained. “i don’t want to screw everything up, so i thought that keeping it the way it is won’t let it all go wrong.”

“we’ve been through a lot for two people who aren’t in a relationship” you chuckled and calum only stared.

he nodded quietly, pulling you back again to his chest. you felt him breathing in deeply and wished you hadn’t said anything.

but then again,
if we’re not friends
someone else might love you too
and then again,
if we’re not friends
there’d be nothing i could do

as typical as it was, calum was knocking on your front door out of a sudden. you rolled your eyes with a invasive smile and made your way towards the door.

there he was, a cheeky smile on his face and some flowers on his hands that had obviously been taken from the neighbour’s front yard on his way to your house. you took them and let him in.

calum walked to your couch and sat on it as you began preparing a cup of coffee for him. when it was done, you sat across from him and started to chat as you usually did. talking about your day and the weird thing your coworker had brought to lunch this time, you were often interrupted by calum pecking your lips. you ignored it every time and continued talking, a smile creeping on your face.

“and then nate just came up to me asking if i had any plans for this friday and-”

“wait, what?” calum asked suddenly interested in your coworker. “what did you say?”

you tried to hold back the smirk that you felt growing on your face, not really succeeding.

“well, i said that not really.”

calum looked at you as he didn’t believe a word that at you said and you just stared back in silence.


“i really don’t have any plans for this friday” you said simply.

“that’s what you told him?” calum’s heart was already beating faster than usual and his fist clenched.

“yes,” you answered, enjoying to tease him like that and see his eyes grow in jealousy. “i almost told him i was already seeing someone but i couldn’t.”

“why not?” he asked, using a tone on his voice that sounded like it was the obvious thing to do.

“you know, we’re friends.”

calum stared at you blankly. was it really wise to tease him like that by something that he was really worried about? you thought that maybe not, but it was already too late.

“that’s ridiculous” he stated, crossing his arms and looking away from you.

you bit your lip nervously, settling an uncomfortable silence between the two of you that was only broken after some minutes that felt like ages by calum.

“are you going on a date with him?” he asked as if though he was being forced to do so.

you looked at him in disbelief. did he really think you would do something like that? indeed, you had nothing official but he should know you wouldn’t even think about doing such thing just as you hoped he also wouldn’t.

“i would never” you responded, offended.

he looked back at you, studying your every feature and probably looking for any sign that showed him you were lying. but he found any, so he gave in and rubbed the palms of his hands on his face.

“i know,” he seized your hand and sighed. “it’s just that you’re kind of right, you know? there’s nothing holding you back to me. i’ve never asked you to be in a relationship with me so, if there’s someone wanting to take you out, you could just do it if you wanted.”

your shoulders shake slightly with the chuckle you let out.

“there is something holding me back to you,” you said. “yourself.”

calum smiled and reached for the back of your neck, pulling it closer to him. he stared endlessly at your lips before kissing them and letting you show that you were, indeed, with him.

that’s why friends should sleep
in other beds
and friends shouldn’t kiss me
like you do
and i know that there’s a limit to everything
but my friends won’t love me like you

you didn’t take your eyes off of calum and the cocky smile he had on his face.

you had just come out of the shower, a towel still wrapped on your hair, as you checked your phone for the new notification. calum had posted a picture on instagram but it didn’t tell you anything. you unlocked your phone and your eyes grew when you saw what it was.

“calum,” you spoke slowly. “what is this?”

you didn’t have to show him what you were looking at because he knew exactly what it was about. he simply looked up from his phone as you were still frozen, the sneaky picture he had taken of you in one of your private dates on your phone screen. the caption was simple but it made your heart forget to beat for a second; a simple heart with an arrow through it.

“i’ve been thinking,” he got up from your bed. “and everyone was right all of the time, except for me.”

you raised an eyebrow at him but let him finish, not willing to interrupt him at any given point and listening to every one of his following words cautiously.

“i love you and i can’t do this anymore,” he began. “i can’t pretend we’re only friends anymore and i don’t want to. we have not been friends since we first met and there’s just no point in hiding it anymore, so i wanted to make things official. and now that it’s already instagram official,” he spoke through the sound of his phone beeping with the nonstop notifications and chuckled. “will you be my girlfriend, at last?”

his head tilted slightly to the side and you could feel your heart almost bursting in happiness, beating ten times faster than it should. you hugged him tightly, feeling his smile on your skin.

“i gladly will.”


7 days of robron - day 1: favourite scene
6th April 2015

She Was Happier (Ivar x Reader)

This piece is inspired by the song Happier from Ed Sheeran. On AO3

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

Ivar couldn’t believe his eyes. After two months apart, he was seeing her. For his disappointment she was not alone. Of course she wouldn’t stay alone for long. A sweet, smart and gorgeous woman like her would find someone to love her as she deserved. His lost. She entered the restaurant with another smiling as widely as he remembered she was capable of. Smiles that used to be for him. Smiles wide as before he broke her heart and turned her laughter into salty tears. She looked happier and Ivar had only himself to blame that he was not the one laughing with her.

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

It was raining, and she was wearing a heavy coat that he remembered it was her favorite. He wanted to follow them inside. No, he wouldn’t ruin her day. He wouldn’t replace the sweet smile on her lips for a frown. He would watch her from his car. He should be satisfied being the creepy stalker again for he had the chance to hold her closer and ruined everything. It was his punishment to know that a monster like him had held something so pure and allowed her to slip through his fingers.


Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody love you like I do
Promise that I will not take it personal, baby
If you’re moving on with someone new

Nobody would love him like she did, yet no one could master the art to hurt her like him. Ivar wanted to hate the guy, but he hated himself instead. That man was not only lucky, he was smart enough to see something precious that should be kept and cherished.

 'Cause baby you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
But I know I was happier with you

Hvitserk had tried to grab him to one of his parties and even Sigurd tried to talk to him. “She won’t stop loving you, brother! Let her take her time! She will forgive you.” Ivar laughed at his words at that time doubting she would waste her time thinking about him.

Sat on the corner of the room
Everything’s reminding me of you
Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier
Aren’t you? 

Ubbe kept telling him he would find happiness again, and until then Ivar was nurturing work as if it was the only thing keeping him from falling apart completely. He was not one to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you 

It was not new that there were others that deserved her, but it didn’t change his feelings. He was still in love with her, he would always be and if this guy breaks her heart, he promised he would wait for her.

Ivar’s thoughts were interrupted by his cellphone. Ubbe needed him, “Ivar? Where are you? The meeting is about to start!”

“She is here, Ubbe. She is here.” Ivar felt his mouth dry and a knot in his throat.

“Who? What are you talking about?” Ubbe shouted impatient.

But I guess you look happier, you do
My friends told me one day I’d feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
I know I was happier with you

Ivar thought his question was stupid. There was no other woman that would make him late for a business meeting, “She is back.” He smiled watching her finishing her meal and giggling.

“Ivar, you must come.” Ubbe begged and Ivar couldn’t understand why his always kind brother was acting so selfishly.

“You can lead. I’ll come later.” Ivar muttered.

“No, Ivar. You must come, I have something to tell you. Don’t talk to her!” Ubbe’s voice was rising and Ivar couldn’t understand the despair in his words.

“I won’t talk to her.  Why should I try when I know she won’t listen to me?” Ivar saw her rising to her feet and the truth hit him. Ubbe knew.

“All this time you knew it and kept her secret. Why?” Ivar felt his hands shaking and sweating as he gripped the steering wheel.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Ivar. Come here and we can talk.” Ubbe was screaming when Ivar didn’t answer him, “Ivar?”

“I… I’m here.” Ivar watched his adversary opening the door and she stepped outside. Somehow, she looked more beautiful, a freezing wind hit her making his love wrap her arms around her waist. The once flat stomach was showing a small bump. She was pregnant and there was no doubt in his mind the child was his.

Baby, you look happier, you do
I knew one day you’d fall for someone new
But if breaks your heart like lovers do
Just know that I’ll be waiting here for you

He couldn’t look away and his eyes were watering. It was like a moment suspended in time. He didn’t register Ubbe shouting from the other side. As if she felt someone was watching her, the woman locked eyes with him. They stared at each other for what felt like hours until her companion placed his hand on her back, leading Ivar’s ex to his car.

How to Date an Ed Ch. 13

How to Date an Ed
Chapter 13

Kevin grabs the dorks hand and walks through the parted crowd. He tries to think about what the hell just happened, but all that’s running through his head is static. The red head vaguely recalls grabbing the smaller male’s hand and dragging them into an bandoned classroom, where he flings himself into  a desk and stares blankly at the white board at the head of the room. Glazed green eyes search for an answer to what the fuck just happened. His brain slowly kickstarts to recall the past ten minutes.

Okay, so they were outed by Nat. Asshole. What’s his game? The athlete can still feel the panic that sped through his veins, the shock when the dork laughed it off and lied through his gaped teeth, the short relief when he thought they could pull this bluff. And then the teal-haired asshole of a friend demanded they make out like a couple of freshmen in high school. Rage and fear had filled him at that point, he remembers it clearly. He- above all else- did NOT  want to kiss the dork he might be considering a friend. And he wasn’t going to. He even had cooked up a plan claiming about Edd being too shy or some shit. 

But then he looked at the dork. A defeated slump had graced his shoulders, his eyes had dulled- practically lifeless!- and a sad smile had adorned his face. Kevin never knew what people had meant about a sad smile until now: when someone is smiling, but you know that they would rather be crying.  The dork-fucking martyr- had told him that he could take the Eagle anyway. That he would be fine. That, essentially, these past few days of panic, drama, and heavy secrets being revealed meant nothing. 

The rage and determination that had roared inside him at that moment nearly overwhelmed him- the red-head remembers this; he could barely see straight when he had grabbed the sock-headed genius. He remembers saying something about rewards not being worth it or some shit, while mentally psyching himself to go through with the peer pressure. He had tried to imagine the dork as a girl, but that didn’t really work; it was still the dorky genius standing there. Kevin barely remembers thinking, ‘Fuck it,’ and-

Holy shit, he kissed the dork. The memory finally clicks into clarity. He didn’t just kiss Eddward; he almost got to first base with the sock head. That first brush of the lips, he barely felt it, in fact. He honestly thought he had missed and was kicking himself on having to do it again. But then the next kiss happened. And, nope, it was fact- the smaller male’s lips WERE that soft. After that, it was almost as if someone was controlling Kevin; he couldn’t STOP kissing the dork. Over and over, and with more urgency in each kiss, the whole world- and his mind, apparently- had stopped and left the two of them alone.
That was when the genius started to kiss back. Shyly, as if he didn’t know what to do. And, wow, that was much better than just him doing all the kissing. His arms had moved on their own by then- they had locked onto the dork and pulled them closer together, which had caused some sort of bubble of excitement in his chest. The redhead had then changed the angle of their kissing- much more comfortable- and a moan had escaped the other’s throat, sending a pleasurable tingle down his spine. 

The two had to finally part for air, which was a bit of a shame, Kevin had thought at the time. He really could have done that forever. Green eyes had blinked at that thought as a cold bucket of reality was dropped on him. Suddenly everything was too loud, too sharp, too bright. The athlete had turned to look at the crowd that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere- or were they there the whole time?- and he had told them to get lost.
Which brings him back to where he is right now, in an empty room with a genius of a man with the softest lips probably known to mankind. Who just so happens to be looking quite terrified and concerned at him.

“Kevin? Can you hear me??”

Oh shit, has the dork been talking to him this whole time? From the look on his face, he’d put his money on Yes.  He nods at the frantic young man jerkily. He’s not entirely sure what to do or think right now. Two things he knows for sure though: He kissed the dork in front of him and LIKED it, and he is TERRIFIED of liking it. Worse, he is pretty sure he wants to do it again.

“Thank goodness. I had feared you had gone into catatonic shock. Are you alright?” the sockhead asks.

He shakes his head no. He is not alright. Is he alright? Is it okay to like kissing a man- a gay man? His whole world has been thrown for a loop, so more on the side of “trying not to panic” would be a good answer. 

“Kevin, please speak to me. I know a panic attack can leave you speechless sometimes, but you only making head gestures is not ensuring me of your wellness and is raising my anxiety.”

Kevin’s face scrunches up. So much for trying not to panic. Whelp, guess it’s time to try and console the dork- and by console, he of course means look macho and bullshit his way out of this.

“Panic attack? Over what?”

Blue eyes blink at him, looking relieved and confused, “Why over kissing me, of course.”

There went trying to look macho.  Maybe they could just ignore it, like it never happened?

“I do apologize for my inadequence over the action, as well as for you having to fight your morality over it as well." 

The redhead looks at him, feeling very awkward about the conversation, "No, you were fine. I just don’t really know how to feel about it, I guess. I mean, I kissed you, not the other way around, dork.”

Pale cheeks flush at that comment. Can someone still get embarrassed at this stage?

“Yes, well, I still feel a little guilty about it; your one rule about not having to kiss me was quite clear, so despite you initiating it, I still think that maybe-”

Kevin glares at the man standing over him. Did the smaller man actually think he was manipulated into the kiss?

“If you even suggest about ending this now, I’m gonna deck you, dork.”

Double D stares confusedly back at him, “But why? All of your rules have been broken, why shouldn’t we terminate? It’s not fair for you. I had already stated you would still be acquiring the Eagle, why hurt yourself by continuing this farce with me?”

At that, Kevin stands up. The dork was right, though, on all accounts. Why should he keep this facade up? 

Is he bored? Possibly, but that would be a shitty reason to keep doing this.

Curiosity? He knows that’s part of it; the dork is very interesting and he wonders how this is gonna end.

Honor? Another possibility; he really doesn’t like half-assed projects or events. That’s one of the reasons he and Eddy never got along. And if he breaks the deal now, he’s gonna feel sleazy, and the Eagle would be forever tainted with that sleaziness.

…He genuinely likes the dork? As a friend, absolutely. Despite only truly knowing him for a little bit, he can tell that Edd is a good guy. Quirky, but good. As anything else…? He doesn’t know; probably- which scares the shit out of him- but that’s not going to stop him from wanting to be the dork’s friend. He’ll just shut out the weird thoughts and any other unwanted emotions. Like a normal person.

Nodding, he stands in front of the dork, finally noting on how much shorter the other man is- barely touches his chin.

“Because I like you, dork. And I’m curious at what crazy adventures we’ll get into during our two weeks of dating.”

A gasp escapes Eddward once Kevin answers. Kevin likes him?! Even after being peer pressured into kissing him! What alternate dimension did he fall into?? 

“B-but you know that after the stunt we just p-pulled, we’ll be expected to… t-to..” the genius falters, feeling his cheeks aflame. He’s talking about future kissing sessions with Kevin,TO Kevin! Did the athlete not think about this?! To his astonishment, the tan male shrugs.

“Yeah, I know. But you don’t kiss bad, so it’s cool, I guess.”

Edd’s heart jumps into his throat. Kevin doesn’t mind kissing him?!

“Plus, you kinda need to practice on someone before you go out into the real dating world.”

Embarrassment floods the young genius’ system. So he has no talent in the kissing department, and Kevin feels bad enough to give him lessons discreetly. Lovely. Some hope rises in his chest regardless; Kevin DID say he likes him, more logically as a friend than anything else, but just that would be enough, Edd thinks.

“I would appreciate the practice, I suppose. Thank you, Kevin.”

A white grin greets him. Be still, frantic heart!

“Cool. Let’s actually get to class then.”

The sockhead nods and follows the taller male out of the classroom. It’s not until the pair have almost reached to the genius’ next class does he realize- they’ve been holding hands this entire time.

Eddward sits in his class in a daze. He can barely take proper notes; the genius wonders if he’s dreaming. Everyone believes he is dating Kevin Barr, which is in fact false, yet if he squints mentally, even he could believe it to be true. The red head never ceases to amaze him, not only by agreeing to this absurd request, but also by overcoming his own rules-willingly- as well as staying to fufill said request to the appointed date. And becoming more charming by the minute. The sockhead can’t stop himself from grinning. 

Kevin liked kissing him. Or, he doesn’t mind it, which is just as good in Edd’s book. And good Lord, he liked kissing Kevin, despite the germs that come with it. A flash of heat strikes him, causing his cheeks to glow bright red and a warm sweat to break out on his back. His accursed sweater sticks to him as he tries to cool down. 

“Mr. Vincent? Did you need to head to the clinic?” his teacher asks. Eddward glances up at Mr. Daggonait, a tall man with shaggy silver hair, who looks quite similar to one Professor Snape-only with glasses and a much less menacing stare.

“Oh, no, sir, my apologies for any disrupt I have caused,” the young genius chirps, quite embarrassed about being called out. Gracious. He needs to focus on his class work, not be daydreaming about Kevin and their fantasy dating life. Shaking his head, he gets back to the English questions that need to be answered.

Fuck. He can’t concentrate on anything. Not his physics lecture- which he really should be paying attention to- not the many eyes staring at him, not how once again the asshole from yesterday’s class left gum on the bottom of his desk and is ruining his skinny jeans again- nothing. All he can focus on is the memory of pale pink lips on his and wrestling with the urge of wanting the feeling again. Fuck. He’s straight, God dammit! There should be no physical reason he would want to kiss the dork 'til the end of time. Yet, here he is, ignoring his physics teacher (who is starting to walk this way, shit.)

Kevin tries to look like he was paying attention for the past fifteen minutes as the professor steps in front of his desk. Mr. Jagone is a tall slim man, who looks like he stuck a finger in a live socket; his black hair is spiked in all directions. His cold blue eyes are covered by some hippie looking glasses as he crosses his arms.

“Mr. Barr, care to tell me why the rest of the class is so fixated on you today? Or as to why you aren’t paying attention to me either?" 

Tan cheeks burn with embarrassment and rememberence. Couldn’t his classmates be a little more subtle? Okay, let’s see if he can bullshit his way out of this.

"Sorry, sir, but I was trying to figure out a physics problem. I just can’t seem to get to a right answer.” The older male perks up at the answer, smiling slightly.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Kevin, but just like my lecture is about today: there are always exceptions to every rule. Even in physics. Speaking of which, turn to page…”

Unfortunately for the wild-looking scholar, Kevin’s mind checked out right then, pondering over what he’s just learned. An exception to every rule? Even sexuality? The cogs in the athlete’s head start turning rapidly. So, theoretically, he-Kevin- could be a hundred percent heterosexual, and still find a guy attractive?? The red-head takes off his hat and ruffles his hair in shock. It’s the only plausible explanation- he must be attracted to Double D, who is the exception. Green eyes roll into the back of his head as he groans and leans back in his seat; of COURSE his only exception would be the sockheaded genius. It’s completely ironic, if he thinks about it. He terrorized the man when they were younger, and was seriously regretting doing this stupid deal, so now God- or whoever is running this shit show- decided to make the situation worse by making him be attracted to the dork. 


Needless to say, the jock races out of his class the moment it’s over, on a hunt. Where is that teal-haired bastard? His fist has an appointment with the other’s face. Kevin finds Nat in the library, bothering some mousy-looking girl. He sneaks up behind his friend, taps him on the shoulder, and sticks his fist out to the left. He waits for the other male to do his signature feint and watches as he dodges right into his knuckles.

“Ow, what the fuck?!”

All the people in the library shush him as Kevin grabs him by the shoulder and tosses him outside. Sometimes, the red head is very thankful that the areas of the school are in completely different buildings. This is one of those times. He stares down at his friend who is holding his face gingerly.

“Dude, what the actual fuck?” Black eyes glare at him.

“That’s my line, ass. What the fuck was that shit show this morning?” Kevin asks calmly, cracking his knuckles. It’s Nat’s fault. If he wasn’t peer-pressured (honor-pressured?) into kissing the dork, he wouldn’t be having these weird exception feelings or whatever. Him and Double D would have just been friends, and they could have looked back on these two weeks as a laugh.

Nat glares even harder, if that was even possible, “Dude, that was your shit show. I gave you an out; I heard Double Decadent give you an out! Don’t get your man-panties in a twist because you actually liked kissi-”

The red-head covers the other’s mouth with his hand, “Utter one more word and I will end you.”

One teal eyebrow raises haughtily, but he nods. The athlete lets go, then pokes his nose threateningly.

“I told you not to tell anybody, though. So, back to my line: what the actual fuck, bro?”

Nat grimaces, “Well, yeah, you said not to tell anybody, so I discreetly told everybody. So, I actually didn’t tell anyone.”

Kevin face palms, then thwacks Nat upside the back of his head, smirking.

“Smartass. You knew what you were doing. You just wanted the deal to be over so you could get into the dork’s pants faster.”

The teal-headed male holds the back of his head and sticks his tongue out, somehow being able to chuckle.

“Heh, guilty. What can I say? I REALLY wanna touch his butt. And the King shall have all the butts!” Kevin chuckles and shakes his head.

“Dude, being weird again.”


“Are you even listening?”

Eddward waits outside his English class for Kevin, who isn’t here yet. Perhaps he needed to use the restroom? His pondering screeches to a halt as he spots a familiar figure. Oh, no, not again. It’s Lucas Tucker, and oh lord, the man has spotted him. The sockhead feels his knees lock as the blonde approaches him.

“Hey, loser. Where’s your boyfriend?”

Is the man actually trying to have a decent conversation? Mayhap Hell is a real place and has frozen over after all.

“I don’t believe he is here yet. Erm, how are you today?" 

The taller male brighten up at the civil comment, and leans on the wall next to the young genius. Eddward shifts his weight, slightly nervous. Tucker is in his bubble.

"So I heard you two had your first public kiss today.”

Black eyebrows crinkle in confusion. Why would the bully want to know about that?

“Yes? I don’t understand what the big deal about that is, however. Couples do that sort of thing all the time, correct?” The blonde nods, brown eyes never leaving Edd’s face.

“Yeah, but those couples never stay together for long. Maybe a week; a month at the longest.”

Edd can’t help but gasp, not only in horror, but because the blonde is now officially way too close for comfort. Back up, back up, back up, back up! Tucker blocks his escape with his arm, effectively trapping him. The smaller male can’t help but groan; of course Kevin is nowhere to be found when he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS-

Before he can finish his thought, two different shoes kick Tucker’s side and send the large male flying.


Double D stares in shock at Kevin and Nat, the latter striking some sort of superhero pose. He watches the red head roll up his sleeve- oh dear, his bicep is almost bursting, be still gay heart!- and stroll up to Tucker in obvious anger.
“What did I fucking tell you, asshole?” the blonde on the ground tries to scramble away, but his back hits a corner. Kevin towers over the blonde, looking very intimitading. Tucker babbles apologies and begs for mercy. Blue eyes widen as a tan fist raises in the air, ready to strike.


Kevin freezes, and slowly turns to the younger man. Edd’s blood freezes in fear; the red head has one of the scariest faces he has ever seen. This isn’t just furious, Kevin must be completel bloodthirsty- a feat that not even Eddy has been able to drag out of the athlete. Swallowing thickly, Edd slowly -slowly! Knees, please work- walks over to the redhead and gently grabs the fist. Which was a bit high up, so the sockhead had to get on his tip toes. Gradually, he sees Kevin relax, dropping his fist. Edd holds onto his hand, lightly leading him away from the crumpled heap of pathetic on the floor, Nat trailing behind them.
Once they’re far away enough, Edd lets go of Kevin’s hand and drops to the ground, doing his best not to hyperventilate.

“Holy shit, Double Damn! That was badass!” Nat gushes over him, patting his back a little more than roughly.

“W-what? Me? No, you and Kevin were the ones who saved me; you both looked very heroic,” the sockhead mutters, gaining feeling back in his knees. The teal-headed man shakes his head vigourously.

“No way, dude! I’ve never seen anyone not only stand up to Kevin when he is beyond pissed level, but also calm him down enough to walk away from a fight!”

Eddward looks at Kevin at that statement, who just tucks his hands in his hoodie pockets and looks away from the other two. The genius can feel his pale cheeks flushed. Though by what emotion he is not entirely sure.

“R-really? I just felt that Tucker had more than enough. Not only that, but the school really does not approve of violence; I didn’t want you two suspended because of me,” he mumbles. He hears more than sees the redhead turn towards him.

Lightly, he is startled when the athlete suddenly drops to his level, green eyes locked onto blue. Edd feels his heart racing. It’s just like before; when Kevin had kissed him, the emotional hurricane that is stirring inside him is raging.

“Thanks, dork. I really don’t need a suspension right now,” the tan male smiles at him. He smiles back and suddenly, Kevin gives him a quick peck on the lips and hoists him back onto his feet. The pale man cups his mouth, feeling his face grow hot. Somehow that quick peck felt MUCH more intimate than the kissing session from before.

“C'mon, then. We’re off to Wendy’s today,” Kevin states, grabbing Edd’s hand and leading them to his car, all the while both of them ignoring the jeering Nat.

“Aw, you two are really cute together! Why did I wanna break you up?!”

“Shut up, Nat

just some aro/ace bi Ed hcs to think abt:

- Ed who listens to Al make an offhand comment about wanting a girlfriend and entertaining the notion in his own mind, only to find that he can’t picture himself with anyone, really–instead, he feels detached from the idea and unsettled for a reason he can’t put a name to, and wonders if it’s just because he hasn’t found the right person yet because he’s been so busy focusing on more important things, like finding the Philosopher’s Stone

- Ed, who was so annoyed at first by Ling’s antics and bright personality, realizing how much he misses the idiot prince, irritating habits and all, when Greed takes over and not really knowing how to deal with everything he feels once he acknowledges it, spending nights awake while he’s on the run with Heinkel, Darius, and Greed, sifting through all of his thoughts and analyzing everything like the scientist he is, trying to figure out when all of this happened and what he’s supposed to do

- Ed, who somehow finds his feelings reciprocated one night when Greed decided he was tired of bickering with Ed and let Ling take control. Ling hadn’t missed the flicker of excited relief on Ed’s face when his consciousness surfaced and he’d teased him for it until Ed’s face turned a lovely shade of red, his face burning even hotter when Ling apologized for his ribbing with a kiss. when he’d pulled away, Ed’s eyes had gone wide and he made a strangled sound before burying his scarlet face in his hands in embarrassment. Ling was charmed by his uncharacteristic shyness and laughed warmly in a way that made Ed’s chest swell (not that he’ll ever admit it)

- Ed, who finally gets the courage to privately admit to himself that maybe he does like Winry as more than just a friend, and then spends consecutive weeks second-guessing himself and everything he feels, cross-examining every affection he has, trying to confirm that he is indeed in love with her and not just the idea of being with her. he can’t stand the thought of reading everything wrong and breaking her heart, all because he couldn’t decide what he really wanted

- Ed, who sometimes has a hard time falling into the rhythm of intimacy because he’s far too present and hyperaware of every movement and sound, even when they’re just kissing. he gets embarrassed and flustered easily because he can’t let himself just appreciate the moment and the simplicity of what they’re doing–he’s constantly worrying about what he has to do next, anticipating what it is Winry wants him to do, if he’s going to mess up because he’s still so very new at everything 

- Ed, who can’t always deal with the thought, let alone the reality of someone touching him in an intimate way. he doesn’t know if he can let himself be so exposed like that–the idea doesn’t excite him like he thinks it should. instead it makes him feel nervous and shaky and dreading the moment when he’ll be expected to do so

- Ed, who makes himself tell Winry about how he’s feeling because the last thing he wants is for her to feel like she’s done something wrong when it’s really just him who doesn’t know how to get a grip. and it’s the biggest relief when Winry embraces him, tells him that it’s alright, and that she won’t ever ask for more than he’s ready and willing to give