ch 136

It’s another one of those Yoshitoki-Hide things nobody asked for

After finally getting my hands on that dialogue between Marude and Yoshitoki in ch.82, I think there may be some references to Hide.

So I’ve seen this panel unnerves some people:

Ch.136, pg.14

I can see why some are weirded out, after all, Hide is smiling in a very dire situation.
We know that Hide always smiles for Kaneki, so he can help him relax and open up. But also, there is actually a parallel between Hide and another character that does the exact same thing:

Yoshitoki Washuu

Ch.82, pg. 12

Both of them laugh in an intense situation in an attempt to ease the mood and make the ones they care about feel a bit more at ease. If they show they don’t feel stressed (although they probably are on the inside) it becomes easier for others to open up and feel better.

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I can’t help but speculate, I’m so sorry. I think the anime is going to end like this:

  • Ch. 136 scene still proceed with Hide
  • Kaneki vs Arima
  • Touka sacrifices herself for Kaneki’s sake at some point
  • Touka dies
  • Kaneki manages to escape V14 thanks to Aogiri’s help
  • Kaneki lives on, now truly part of Aogiri with Ayato by his side

Remember this illustration Ishida-sensei drew.


Kamisama Hajimemashita ch.136

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Looks like both AkaYona and Kamisama are on a badass heroin mood in this issue!

[WARNING!] Spoilers for chapter 136 of Kamisama Hajimemashita (duh!)

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