Woohooo, Shirts für Kinder!

SO Liebe Neverlander… :D

Ich hab mich endlich aufgerafft, den Post für die wundervollen Kinder T-Shirts zu erstellen und meine Datei hochzuladen. Tumblr verlangte nach einem Make-Over. :P

Zuerst sei gesagt, dass alle Credits an Dani von Dani-Paradise gehen, da das Original von ihr ist. ( Bitte klicken, um dorthin zu gelangen!)

Jetzt folgt wie üblich die Ansicht der Shirts für unsere Mini-Sims. :)

Teil 1:

Uuuuuuuuuuuund Teil 2:

Die Shirts sind Unisex, da ich vergessen haben nach Junge und Mädchen zu splitten. :<

Downloaden könnt ihr Sie HIER !


euer Simpelstielzchen. <3

redfieldandnivans replied to your post:Just finished Chris campaign 3, poor Piers has…

Sounds like a typical mission, to me.

Having just struggled in mission 4, this is the craziest mission you two have gone through yet.  It gets crazier and crazier! A whole ship of mutating neo umbrella agents, fighter jet fire, leaping to and from jets and ships trying to save the city.  Gosh. Badass level multiplied. The other protagonists don’t even come close to the feats you guys were doing.  Also really sad about how many BSAA agents and civilians were lost in the game.

The men ambled out to the backyard where their parents sat together on an old quilt with Rosie perched between them and the dogs reclining nearby. Ethan moved over to Kristy, and she cuddled up to him. Cal wrapped his arm around Jane, then reached over to pat her uneasy stomach.
Gabe simply stood there, taking in the sight of these people he loved so much. Rachel set a stack of paper plates on the picnic table and looked up at him. He smiled at her, and she smiled back, their thoughts perfectly matched.
I love you, Gabe.
I love you, Rach.
Chip charged forward. Gabe knew what he wanted, and he reached out his arms.
A moment later, Chip was settled on his shoulders, his hands clasped across his father’s forehead, legs dangling over his chest.
Rachel started to cry.
She did this sometimes at family gatherings when her happiness got to be too much for her. They were all used to it. They liked to tease her about it. They’d tease her about it today. Soon… Maybe after lunch…
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He jammed his hands into his pockets as if they’d become his enemies. “You’re not going to Florida.”
“I don’t have any choice.”
“Yes, you do.” He paused and glared at her. The line of his jaw grew more stubborn. “We’re going to get married.”
Her heart skipped a beat, then began to hammer. She stared at him. “Married? What are you talking about?”
“Just what I said.” He pulled his hands out of his pockets and stalked toward her, his expression belligerent. “We get along. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t get married.”
“Gabe, you don’t love me.”
“I care a hell of a lot more about you than G. Dwayne ever did!”
He was breaking her heart. “I know you do. But I can’t marry you.”
“Give me one good reason.”
“I already did. The best reason of all.”
Something helpless flickered in his eyes. “What do you want from me?”
She wanted what he’d given Cherry and Jamie, but it would be cruel to say that. And what was the point? He already understood: “Nothing more than you’ve already given me.”
But he wouldn’t be put off. “I can take care of you. Once we’re married, you won’t have to worry about where your next meal’s coming from or what’ll happen if you get sick.” He paused. “You’ll have security for Edward.”
#ChicagoStars4 #DreamALittleDream #RachelStone #EdwardStone #GabeBonner #GDwayneSnopes #ClydeRorsch #Horse #EthanBonner #CalBonner #JimBonner #JaneDarlingtonBonner #RosieBonner #CarolDennis #CherrieBonner #JamieBonner #JakeArmstrong #AnnieGlide #KristyBrown #LauraDelapino #DonnyBragelman #RussScudder #OdellHatcher #CarolDennis #BobbyDennis #MikeReedy #chapter19 #SEP

“What do you want?”
The sound of that flat, emotionless voice chilled her, but she forced her lips into a carefree smile. “Nice to meet you, too. I’m Rachel Stone. That five-year-old you terrorized is my son Edward, and the rabbit he carries around is named Horse. Don’t ask.”
If she’d hoped to draw a smile from him, she failed miserably. It was hard to imagine that mouth ever smiling. “I thought I told you to stay off my property.”
Everything about him irritated her, a fact she did her best to conceal behind an innocent expression. “Did you? I guess I forgot.”
“Look, lady—”
“Rachel. Or Ms. Stone, if you want to be formal. As it happens, this is your lucky day. Fortunately for you, I have a forgiving nature, and I’m prepared to overlook your giant case of male PMS. Where do I start?”
“What are you talking about?”
“That sign I saw on the marquee. I’m your help wanted. Personally, I think we should get that playground cleaned up right away. Do you know what kind of lawsuits you’re setting yourself up for with all that broken-down equipment?”
“I’m not hiring you.”
“Of course you are.”
“Now why’s that?” he asked with no particular interest.
“Because you’re obviously an intelligent man, despite your surly manner, and anyone with intelligence can see that I’m a terrific worker.”
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