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  • Sirius:I have a transfiguration question.
  • McGonagall:It's ten at night on Saturday.
  • Sirius:Do you know anything about transfiguring animal parts back to human parts? Specifically, antlers?
  • McGonagall:Antlers? What is this for?
  • Sirius:...Fun.
  • McGonagall:Okay. Well, why don't we talk about it Monday after class?
  • Sirius:You always say we should never stop being curious. To always open any curiosity door we find. Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

Bronzing Powder (mega-pack) by MAC

            ** 27 Shades | 36 Swatches (The 9 Darkest Tones come with                                                                                 a corresponding alternative) **

                                      MEDIAFIRE | SIMFILESHARE

These Bronzing powders will appear in the “Blush” category and were formulated to work with any skin-tone.

  • If you use, please tag me or use the hashtag #MACcosimetics!
  • Turn on the “Post Notifications” option for this blog to be notified for every new release!
  • Peter:James this isn’t your fault.
  • James:You’re right, it’s Sirius’.
  • Peter:It’s not his fault either.
  • James:It wasn’t his fault?
  • Peter:No!
  • James:So you’re saying he wasn’t way out of line?
  • Peter:Totally! But so were you. And so was Remus.
  • James:Oh, give me a break.
  • Peter:No, you give me a break! All three of you were being a bunch of little assholes. I was the only reasonable one.

Guitar Day - family version -

  • Works with Andrews Poseplayer and you also need Teleport Mod
  • You need the accessory guitar by Karzalee
  • Instructions:
  • 1.Put three sculptures in the same side (in a sofa for the 2th&3th pose), so that they are overlapping.
    2.Click on that and select “Teleport a sim here”. Do the same with the other sims.
    3.Click on your sims and select the poses.Enjoy!
  • 9 Poses (3-Adult1; 3-Child; 3-Adult2)
  • Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Thank you!
  • If you use my pose, please tag me: #simtrovart or @simtrovart, I would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • I’m sorry if there are some issues, I tried my best
  • If something wrong do not be afraid to write me
  • Hope you like it!




I have been away too long and my sims didn’t load anymore but i fixed it and i’m back, YAY! Made a new model - meet Amelie. Love her so much.

Hair: Aveirasims // Blazer: Toksik // Choker: Toksik // Pants: Greenapple18r // Shoes: Madlen

Eyeliner: Pralinesims // Eyeshadow: Berniessimblr // Blush: Screaming-mustard // Lips: Shojoangel

Elegant Trait [FIXED]

Here is another gift for 50+ Followers (Yet somehow I’m at 91???)

This is the elegant trait. Does your sim have the disposition of a dancer or someone you’d admire as a royal or a lover? Then this is the trait for you™.


This sim is pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

+ Whims such as performing on piano or violin, to go to the Lounge

+ Confident and inspired moodlets, unable to become dazed or embarrassed


TOU: Don’t reupload anywhere.