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Sibling Assassins AU

  • Caulfield Siblings as professional assassins. (It’s a family thing.)
  • Maximus, master marksman, works best with guns.
  • Maxine prefers blades but carries a pistol for emergencies.
  • Max is also a good marksman, not as accurate as Maximus, but is a great shot. But she prefers no blood and kills with blunt blows, neck snaps, and poison.
  • Price siblings deal their weapons. Chloe handles all chemical related things, explosives and poisons.
  • Caulfield Siblings are hired to Protect the Chase Daughters. Cue Chasefields hue.
  • RIP Fifth Wheel Maxine.
  • Caulfields keep tallies on their bodies on how many kills they’ve had.

The eXecutors

executor, n. one who carries out or follows through on a duty, job, mission, or task; one who executes. in colloquial terms, someone who gets @#!& done

When flying around in spandex becomes inefficient and reactionary, the world needs a new type of hero. The Executors are a small task force dedicated to making real change through targeted actions. The process is simple. First, Gambit picks a target, a person, corporation, or entity with the power to do real harm to mutantkind. Then, Karma runs recon, being the team’s eyes, ears, and mind inside, while Cat uses her technological know-how to scout out the target’s security system. Once Cat and the King of Thieves have devised a plan, Psylocke and M charm, bribe, punch, or stab their way to the goal. Hidden in the shadows and above the law, this is the team that gets things done. Ready, set, eXecute.

spock spent all last night researching valentines day traditions so he could get jim the perfect gifts and yes they probably still give flowers, chocolate, teddy bears and cheesy cards in the 23rd century ღ’’ღ’’

✨💕Happy Valentines Day 2k17💕✨

more trek art


Since this cute lil OC technically belongs to @spinetrick, I consulted heavily with her (and also got some help from @beta-19​) when coming up with this list of general Lob headcanons!

Likes: discordant noises, taking apart machines, breaking stuff, making sculptures out of trash, shooting people in the kneecap, humans, ricardo

Dislikes: working, losing limbs
(Ricardo shares these dislikes, although the limbs he normally loses are usually misplaced other dead Rick limbs)

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Kuroshitsuji Scenery Pt 1

Yana Toboso pays so much attention to small details in her manga which always amazes me. For example, the scenery is often very accurate to how it looks in reality or in historical documents (newspapers, drawings, photos,…). I’ve made a post about some scenes just recently but there are many more of them. So in this post series I want to collect all these scenes from the manga. Please correct me if I’m wrong about something or if I missed a scene. :)

Here’s part 1: chapters 1-11 (other parts will follow over the next weeks; you’ll find all parts here after I’ve posted them).

Ch 6: Fleet Street, London

Ch 6: Buck’s Row, London (Jack the Ripper murder scene; victim: Mary Ann Nichols)

Ch 8: Hanbury Street, London (Jack the Ripper murder scene; victim: Annie Chapman)

Ch 9: Miller’s Court, London (Jack the Ripper murder scene; victim: Mary Jane Kelly)

Ch 10: A gothic church (where Vincent and Rachel married; I’m not sure which church it is exactly but it could be the Church of Christ the King in Bloomsbury, London, for example)

Ch 11: St Augustine’s Church, Kilburn, London (not sure about whether it’s the right church for this one, either)


Y’know next time you have a piece of pipe stuck in your transverse, call a plumber.


stranger things appreciation week: favourite scene → the quarry scene

Yeah, you better run. She’s our friend and she is crazy! You come back here and she’ll kill you, you hear me? She’ll kill you, you sons of bitches!