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Sibling Assassins AU

  • Caulfield Siblings as professional assassins. (It’s a family thing.)
  • Maximus, master marksman, works best with guns.
  • Maxine prefers blades but carries a pistol for emergencies.
  • Max is also a good marksman, not as accurate as Maximus, but is a great shot. But she prefers no blood and kills with blunt blows, neck snaps, and poison.
  • Price siblings deal their weapons. Chloe handles all chemical related things, explosives and poisons.
  • Caulfield Siblings are hired to Protect the Chase Daughters. Cue Chasefields hue.
  • RIP Fifth Wheel Maxine.
  • Caulfields keep tallies on their bodies on how many kills they’ve had.

anonymous asked:

do you have more trans!steve headcanons?

folks this is a bit s2 spoiler-y so dont read if you haven’t watched S2!!

⁃ he works out a lot to minimize any fat on his body that would accentuate his curves
⁃ he loves his long hair, his father said if he wanted to pass as a man he’d cut it short so he help it longer out of spite and it’s his Look™ now
⁃ he came out to nancy and to dustin because that’s who he’s closest to
⁃ he loves being a big brother figure to the kids because it reinforces his status as a father
⁃ he wants to be the dad his father never was
⁃ he saves every penny, every dime, every dollar for his transition
⁃ he loves flowers and feminine things and won’t let anyone tell him it’s not manly to love them
⁃ loves stevie nicks and that’s where he got his name from
⁃ he gets dysphoric when billy comes along and always takes his shirt off in phys ed
⁃ King Steve originally started out as a transphobic comment but he turned it around and made it his centerpiece because he’s that g-d damn talented
⁃ gives jane all of his old fem clothes so hopper doesn’t have to go out and by so many things
⁃ loves his kids, he attends their d&d campaigns sometimes. the group made an NPC whos name is King Steve and he’s the ruler of whatever land they currently decide to play in


Since this cute lil OC technically belongs to @spinetrick, I consulted heavily with her (and also got some help from @beta-19​) when coming up with this list of general Lob headcanons!

Likes: discordant noises, taking apart machines, breaking stuff, making sculptures out of trash, shooting people in the kneecap, humans, ricardo

Dislikes: working, losing limbs
(Ricardo shares these dislikes, although the limbs he normally loses are usually misplaced other dead Rick limbs)

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