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Kevin was walking, but his eyes were barely open.

“Morning, sunshine,” Matt said with exaggerated cheer.

“Fuck you,” Kevin said.

Dan yawned into her hand. “Glad to see you’re still a morning person.”

Fuck you too.

Some Things from Chapter 3:

This is both a list and my personal thoughts on Ch. 3 and relating subjects. - Em

BOY OH BOY do I have some thoughts. Let’s jump into it! I apologize ahead of time for there being so much information here. It’s just all fresh on my mind at the moment and I don’t have a lot of time at a desktop computer this afternoon.

     1. The Jim & Jim Show. “Demons within us… Demons without (us)?” as I mentioned in a previous post. This seems to very much tie into Celine’s arrival, as she is a Seer/psychic/what have you. Jim also mentions “Feeling” spirits “Working up a storm here”.

     2. Damien, the Mayor, sort of shows up abruptly behind everyone, but that’s probably not a huge cause for concern. Just thought I’d mention it.

     3. Despite my first thoughts on the pictures from Ch. 2 (that Damien and Colonel might not have liked Celine very much), I could see that it wasn’t the case at all. In fact, both the Colonel and Damien seem to trust her without pause, and Damien especially cares about her well-being. He makes a point to protect her, shall we say, even though Us the viewer are also his friend. Am I seeing love, or leftover feelings? Not sure.

     4. Celine mentions “Forces beyond our control”, and the first thing I thought was, “Control of the ‘demons’ within us (or, say, Damien? The Colonel?)”. Again, I’m not certain, but it’s worth mentioning.

     5. I thought “communing with the dead” could be a rouse. I might be looking through rose-colored, #MarkLives glasses here, but nothing is off the table just yet! I will point out, as I did in another earlier post, that Mark may actually be dead, and he simply knew it was coming, but again - this is speculation at best.

     6. The Colonel chose not to speak about us at the table. Why? Also, why was Damien not shown until Celine got up to leave? To me, the latter question is further evidence of how much he cares for her. The Colonel was protective of Celine as well at the table.

     7. The Detective is going to especially watch himself, *suggestive eyebrows*? I feel like he’s trying to tell us something.

     8. Celine tells us we are playing a “Far greater part”, and that there is something much bigger happening beneath Mark’s death. She also states that she has never liked the Mansion, and my first thought there was that something in the Mansion is messed up. The Groundskeeper, George, never once set foot in there for 15 years. I have to wonder if this story is a backstory for Mark’s Egos, and that the mansion has something to do with it. “Dark forces surrounding the manor” and all.

     9. The visions we have with Celine seem to favor the Colonel, as well as emphasizing “keeping our enemies close”, the Detective’s line from Ch. 2.

     10. The Colonel disappeared to his room shortly after the table scene. Supposedly, he went to bed. Not sure what that means, considering he has the tendency to pop up out of nowhere when he pleases – but this is starting to feel like whatever is happening is for a reason, and that whatever “dark forces” Celine mentioned are very much playing a hand in what’s happening here.

     11. I found it odd that anytime George, the Groundskeeper, said “Murders”, there as no lightning. Again, he has not stepped foot in the mansion for 15 years, furthering my belief that whatever is going on in the house is much stronger than I previously thought, and that the house itself is causing something to happen to everyone. Or, specifically.. Damien and the Colonel, involving some others in whatever is going on.

     12. George mentioned one thing that would bring him into the house. One thing. That obviously happened, the lightning was bigger than ever before, and the red/blue that is synonymous with Darkiplier reared its ugly head. I noticed Celine and Damien went into the room she and We were in just before, and closed the door – she may have held another seance with him, which one might assume finally unlocked “demons” - or, to be blunt, Egos. Bad ones, like Darkie and Warfstache… But that all feels so obvious.

EDIT: I need to add #13 here. I remembered the pen scratching noise from the audio clip when we drew the picture in Ch. 3, and thought it may be tied to the thumbnail images on each video – first with Mark’s eyes scratched off, then Colonel’s, and now Celine’s. I feel Narrator/Host vibes (are they the same..? I’m not sure), as he does play into the theme of writing and eyeballs. Pure speculation there, though.

I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts!