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The Dollhouse (Chapter 16- Strawberry Cream)

A/N: EVERYBODY CELEBRATE CAUSE THE DOLLHOUSE IS BACK (finally) I know I’ve been absolutely terrible and I have put off finishing this god forbidden chapter for so long. But I finally got off my ass (not really cause I wrote this on the couch) and finished this son of a bitch. However this chapter is a bit more of a calmer one, but will get more exciting soon, I promise. Anyways, enjoy!

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Ch. 1 Porcelain | Ch. 2 Lace Dresses | Ch. 3 Black Pumps | Ch. 4 Rosy Cheeks| Ch. 5 Red Lips | Ch. 6 Pink Ribbons | Ch. 7 Suede Boots|Ch. 8 Smokey Eyes| Ch. 9 Silk Robes | Ch. 10 Lavender Perfume | Ch. 11 Diamonds | Ch. 12 Pearl Earrings | Ch. 13 Roses | Ch. 14 White Daisies | Ch. 15 Leather Jacket

SUMMARY: The day after Yugyeom’s confrontation with a drunk Jaebum.

ENRE: Angst, Romance, Smut, Servant au, Mistress, Dominant, Submissive

INCLUDED: (OC) Airlina Allessandra, (OC) Madeline Delore, Kim Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, Im Jaebum, Park Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Choi Youngjae, BamBam (Koonpimook Bhuwakul)


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