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Breaking Bad / Walking Dead Mash-Up

And you thought Heisenberg was a monster.


                                                        happy birthday, lily evans potter

                                                                      ✩ 30 January, 1960

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The snow globe couldn’t make it home this year.


We Didn’t Start the Flame War

Epic pwnage!!

Congratulations to our good friend Sasheer Zamata on being the newest member of Saturday Night Live! 

Let’s celebrate with a glass of Second Cheapest Wine.
her hands shake from mistreatment;
yet her eyes pierce with hostility.
her words reek of mistrust & brutal honesty.
she is carefully sculpted;
her walls built up high.
the scepticism her framework
& artillery her caustic retorts.
of course, after all the abuse;
after all that’s torn her apart
how could she still have an unguarded heart?
—  she is a fortress // s.a.
Hardly Working: Yoga Teachers

Hardly Working: Yoga Teachers

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