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  • Snape: Mr. Potter, why don't you read first?
  • Harry: Alright, Chapter 1; Surviving your fascist Potions Professor who needs to put kids down to feel big.
  • Harry: Oh wow! This is useful guys, we should read on!
Let me explain V live Ch + bullshit . What's really going down

Σ(・□・;) v live is too expensive!!! To watch a episode or buy something (depending on who’s channel you are on) costs 100 coins. If i buy the 400 coins for $10.99 that’s only 4 episodes. So then i’ll just buy the 1200 coins for $32.99 !!! That’s only 12 episodes for $33 which means i’ll have to keep renewing it, it doesn’t even last more than a month for $33. So buy the highest amount of coins then. The highest amount of coins is ONLY 2400 and get this FOR $66.99?? !?(・_・;? How did the money jump so high but the coins didn’t even see the impact.

Nothing last long, i don’t understand what kind of job this app thinks i have to sustain such an incredibly high demand of money. I am just a student this is incredibly wrong what this app is doing is taking advantage of us, using are weaknesses by taking away the one place we get to see them and ask from the same prices (which will add up over time if i keep renewing it) we would be paying to see them in person and in concert. I’ll do the math here

“How much money would you have to pay to be able too watch 100 videos (or have 10,000 coins), using the $66.99 plan meaning you would never have to renew it for a long time because 100 videos is alot (and 10,000 coins is basically like a full month or 2 plan)?”

This plan only gives 2400 coins.
1 episode cost 100 coins

2400 coins = 24 videos

24 + 24 + 24 + 24 = 96 videos + 24 = 120 vids

which means we are going to have to buy that $66.99 plan 4 times plus another one.

66.99 + 66.99= $134 buying it only twice is $134 That’s only 48 vids.

66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99 + 66.99= *drumroll*
$335 for 120 videos

*note we only bought this plan 5 times*

buying it only 4 times is $268 (96 videos) as if that’s any better.

understand that’s my whole pay check.

The little plans don’t last long, like 4 videos is 11 dollars. Only 4 videos, imma keep paying 11 something for 4 videos what?

Basically it’s up to the group to decide how often they are going to upload a ch+ video, because i’m holding on to a tiny piece of yarn here off the side of a cliff.

They upload 4 in a week i’m done ‘death sentence’. If they start a series on there bye bye. Over time that’s how much V live gonna be taking from you, your whole pay check, you don’t see it but you write that shit out.

V live Have a heart, there surely is another way to get us to buy things but this, woah have a heart. My whole pay check buddy come on.

  • Washington: I want you two to go undercover as a couple to stake out the room. You should be very convincing, given that you're currently, what was it? "Smooshing booties."
  • Mulligan: Great, and thank you for saying it that way. It made us both feel very comfortable.
  • Lafayette: Sure did.