ch changes

“Lost in the forest of this heart
You saw me in new light
And I saw you
Sheltered by the night“ ~ Slow Life, Of Monsters and Men

Excuse me while I try to share a loving fanart after the hilarity of ch. 121


                                       ⌞   alida lavellan + solas  ⌟
                    well… this was an outcome i certainly did not expect.


The worst part is though, Brooke is my best friend, you know and she doesn’t have any idea how much this is killing me.


#that’s a smart girl tactic for ‘don’t mess with me bitch’


jaal: to think that when we first met the angara and your ‘initiative’ struggled to find trust.
ryder: […] guess it worked out okay.


get to know me: (5/5) female characters
↳ may chang (fullmetal alchemist)

“i’ll never forgive him for kidnapping shao may! demon! devil! loincloth!”