ch ch changes!

“Lost in the forest of this heart
You saw me in new light
And I saw you
Sheltered by the night“ ~ Slow Life, Of Monsters and Men

Excuse me while I try to share a loving fanart after the hilarity of ch. 121


The worst part is though, Brooke is my best friend, you know and she doesn’t have any idea how much this is killing me.


                                       ⌞   alida lavellan + solas  ⌟
                    well… this was an outcome i certainly did not expect.


#that’s a smart girl tactic for ‘don’t mess with me bitch’


get to know me: (5/5) female characters
↳ may chang (fullmetal alchemist)

“i’ll never forgive him for kidnapping shao may! demon! devil! loincloth!”

[Character animation by @MarvicAdoptante]

THUNDER THURSDAY #54: Big Finish Line

Hey folks, Paul here for THUNDER THURSDAY! On the east coast it’s early AM Friday, and it’s been a big week: Thursday, June 1 was my last day of teaching at SCAD-Savannah for the foreseeable future. (I’ll still teach online classes.)

The video above was from one of the first classes I taught; it was animated in 2015 by Marvic Adoptante. I relate to it deeply right now, and I imagine the class of 2017 does, too!

On Thursday night, Marvic’s film EAT won “Best in Show” at the SCAD Animation Showcase. Marvic did an incredible job on the film, and I was proud to present his award!

He later made a Facebook post giving many thanks… including this, which warmed my heart:

Thank you Paul Allen Tillery IV. The fact that you presented me with the award felt like everything came full circle. With you teaching me the basics of 3D animation in our first class to helping me finish my film in our very last class, I can’t help but feel honored to have had you as a teacher. *wipes single tear*

And I’m wiping a single tear of my own. I’m looking forward to the travels ahead, but there’s a lot I’m going to miss.

Current students, keep up the good work!
Class of 2017, congratulations!
And now… on to the next adventure!



“You had sealed it with a gesture… and right then, I felt the whole world change.”

Felt the whole world change?”

“A figure of speech”

I’m aware of the metaphor, I’m more interested in the word ‘felt’.”

“You change… everything.”

“Sweet talker.”