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Everyone Agrees: Carolina Herrera Is Always the Chicest Woman in the Room

Dianna Agron spent the day touring the Blue House, the home and museum of Frida Kahlo, and shopping the city’s markets before arriving at the party in an abstract floral print gown. Herrera, she said, was one of the first designers to dress her, in pink and black lace for the Emmy Awards in 2010.

“What I love about her and her sense of style is that is so feminine and timeless,” Agron says. “That is everything I grew up admiring – Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Leslie Caron, Grace Kelly, those women wore things like this. And it’s nice to be able to still embody this idea of femininity.”

A rather lengthy chat about that one 5sos article...

I think, more than anything, the Rolling Stone article is just sad. I feel sad after reading. They’ve picked apart the boys’ lives and found out all the bad things they could, and put them on show as if it makes them punk rock, because that’s what rock stars used to do, they used to sleep with more than one girl a night and they would be depressed and reckless and cocky, and that’s how the boys are being presented here. 

I am not, in any way at all, defending any actions of the boys which are negative and derogatory towards women, or anyone else, but I will say this. We know these boys, they share huge chunks of their lives with us, and even if we don’t know anything, we know that they are good people. A lot of the stories in the article are from years ago, the article literally says that they were wildest in their younger years. And I know that age does not excuse actions, but take a moment to think about 4 teenage boys, thrown straight into the spotlight and trying to live up to role models who may not be the best influence. 

Michael is depressed, he has mental health issues going on, and that is something that someone needs to do something about. We sit here speculating and trending hashtags, as if that will help, while the only one who seems to care is Ashton. He is literally spending so much time alone, he spent his Christmas watching his band’s DVD, or he’s out partying. He depends so much on the fans, constantly requesting interaction or reaching out talking about his mental health on twitter. I think that he needs help, but doesn’t know how to access it in his position without it appearing as though he’s some sort of classic punk character.

Calum has got so much abuse for so many things that he’s done, little mistakes from years ago, and it’s gotten to the point where he no longer cares about what he does, because no matter what he does, he’ll get backlash. Why do you think he isn’t tweeting as much anymore, why do you think he’s making such drastic changes to himself? 

Luke is in a relationship, he appears to be actively moving on from his days that he apparently had where he slept with more than one girl a night. He’s trying to grow up and to have a private relationship which is so hard to do when you’re in the public eye like the boys are. Yet, even his fans are making negative comments about his girlfriend, and about his life choices. He ends up thinking that everything he does it wrong, because the people he thought loved him are hurting him.

Ashton seems to be trying to hold it all together. He, as the oldest member of the band, has taken on the role of guide, and it seems to be taking a toll on him. Ashton has never had a chance to be looked after, he was always the care giver, and he may have finally had that chance when he was in a relationship with a nice girl, but again the fans interfere and make life difficult for them. 

Once again, I don’t want to defend any of the negative actions or comments the boys have done or made, but I do want to remind you of their humanness, and of their circumstance. There’s no excuse for being derogatory towards anyone, or treating anyone without respect, but I also think that people make mistakes, and mistakes can be blown up into so much more than they are, particularly those of people who are in the spotlight. 

Remember, these are the same boys you loved, and it’s in times like this that they really need their fans’ love and support.

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CH took every media article and every troll on SM as being Taylor's fault. It wasn't Taylor attacking his song writing abilities, it was online trolls making fun of him so he went after Taylor instead of ignoring the things said online. The SM meltdowns, liking shady tweets, getting pictured with the Kartrashians, wearing the Yeezys, all of that was to humiliate Taylor the same way he felt humiliated from her "fans". That article was not an apology to her.


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To add to that, people get back together all the time. I hate to use Miley as an example but it has worked for her & Liam so far & they were separated for a long time & she did some crazy stuff! I think them using "amicable" which was never used with the CH breakup, articles getting updated with removing the public scrutiny label (we see you GC), & Us mag video updated to say they may get back together (which is rare IMO), & other articles piggybacking on it (DM etc), gives me hope!

yeah. whatever happens is up to them. i think she needs to just recharge her batteries do her concert in october, reevaluate what happened the past year and just decide what’s the best for her.