ch 5

Darkness Prevails ch 5

So part of me is concerned on whether people like my story or not. I know it’s dark, and probably poorly written. I don’t know. If you guys like it, maybe some feedback to help me? If not its ok. I understand. 

Innocence is often taken for granted.

Often misconceived as a rite of passage once broken.

Betty had been one of the sappy girls, the ones who spent hours on end fantasizing about her first time. Room full of candles, rose petals, sensual music in the background. But most importantly, it would be with someone she was in love with.

Or so she had hoped anyway.

And although Jughead had confessed his love for her, she didn’t know if she felt the same.

“Earth to Betts.” Jughead was waving a hand in front of her face, failing to break her distant eyes.

Shaking her head, Betty stared blankly at the raven haired boy in front of her. “We… we – uh – I’m sorry. What did you just say?” She managed to squeak out, face so red it put Archie’s hair to shame.

Rolling his eyes, he chuckled. “Sex Betty. You know, where a guy and a girl are physically attracted to one another, so they shed their clothes and-”

“LA LA LA” Betty cut him off, slapping her hands to her ears and shaking her head vigorously.

Laughing again, Jughead pulled her hands away and wrapped them in his own. “Betty.” Her head snapped up at the sound of her name. “Betty, it was just sex. Why? What’s up?”

Her mind went blank.

How had she agreed to have sex with Jughead of all people? To give up what made her pure and innocent? To just hand over the one thing she had complete control over. Her body began to shake, mind racing a mile a minute. Her fingers itched to pierce skin, to clear the fog and help her breath. His eyes filled with alarm, no doubt aware of her rising panic attack.

“Betty, look at me.” His voice was calm, steady in comparison to her raging emotions. How was he so calm? She spun on her heel, needing space to think. Jughead reached for her hand, but she pulled away quickly.

“This isn’t – no…” She trailed off, voice just barely above a whisper. She continued to retreat, both within herself, and further from him physically. He reached for her again, but she scampered away with ease.

“Betty. Please.” His voice broke, the pain so evident it momentarily pulled her out of the deep end.

She doesn’t want to ask, but so desperately needs to know. “Did I…” she swallows a lump in her throat, “did I … agree?” She trails off, placing her hands on her thighs and applying ample pressure. Not enough to break the skin, but well enough to ground her in the moment. Present.

What a sharp intake of breath, Jughead retracts his hand and steels his features. “Are you seriously asking if I -” his voice dips to just above a whisper, “-if I raped you?” His face was a whirlwind of emotion; pain, anger, pity, disappointment. But out of it all, the most prominent was surprise.

Then he did something Betty assumed was the start of a mental breakdown.

Jughead laughed.

The laugh wasn’t genuine. Betty could tell right away. It was more raw, like a gaping wound staring at you, or an exhausted parent laughing at their dysfunctional child.

She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it at the jaded look from Jughead. Her body still shook from anxiety, but when he stepped forward again, she didn’t pull away. He reached out and gingerly plucked her fingers away from her thighs, linking both hands within his.

Sighing, Jughead began. “When I kissed you, I didn’t intend for it to reach that point. I didn’t even realize I was actually kissing you till it was too late. I know to girls, sex is … special.” She was eyeing him closely. “But after everything else that happened earlier in the night, I don’t know. I just couldn’t stop. Didn’t want to stop.” He exhaled, catching his breath and avoiding her eyes. “I asked if you wanted to, and you say yes. I asked so many times, and you just kept saying yes. I was so happy. I could finally be with Betty Cooper, resident sweetheart and keeper of my heart.” His face lowered to their joined hands as he placed soft kisses on her fingers.

When he spoke again, his voice was raw, choking on his own emotions. “You almost died Betty. I couldn’t stand the idea of losing you before I could feel what it was like to kiss you. Even if just once.”

Minutes passed, silence feeding off Betty’s whirlpool of emotions. Finally, she pulled one of her hands free, smiling slightly when Jughead lets out a sad sigh. He releases her other hand, and hung his head. As he starts turning around, no doubt retreating away, Betty launches herself into his arms. Taken aback, but quick to recover, he wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“I’m sorry” was all she said, muffled from her face burrowed in his neck.

“For what?”

She pulls out of his arms, but lowers her hands to his wrists. “For pulling away before. For leaving you.” She’s eyeing his arms, still covered by the leather. Knowing what she’s looking at though, he quickly diverts her attention.

“I already told you Betts, that’s not from you. Or Archie. I was doing this long before you guys left.” He spoke about it in present tense, piquing her curiosity. Reaching down, she gingerly wraps her fingers around his wrist and pulls the jacket sleeve up to his elbow.

Gasping, she places a hand to her mouth, muffling sobs from within. The marks she’d seen that night were nothing in comparison to some of the others he adorned. He pulls a hand up to her chin, and tilts it so she’s looking at his face, not his survival.

“Betty, you didn’t do this. You didn’t know about it. You couldn’t have stopped it.” He leans forward, placing a light kiss on her nose, trying desperately to distract her.

As she opens her mouth to say something, the bell rings. Signaling the end of 5th period.

Shit. Wait, I mean… uh, darn.” Jughead just laughs at her. “I need to get back before I miss last period.” Sighing, he just nods.

“Uh – quick question.” She blurts out, before he can turn to head into the school.

“What’s up?”

“What exactly… are we?”

“I don’t know. How about I take you to Pops and we find out?” He winks at her, and retreats into the school before she can decline. Smiling to herself, she just pulls out her phone and calls a taxi.

Betty makes it to Riverdale High in less than 20 minutes, a new record. She should start keeping track. As she jogs up the steps to the front doors, Chuck appears from behind them.

“Well well well. If it isn’t little miss princess.” Stopping dead in her tracks, Betty grips her phone till her knuckles turn white.

“What do you want, Chuck.” Her voice dips with venom at his name, causing him to smirk.

“Oh I was just checking up on why our star student wasn’t in 5th or 6th period.” He takes a step forward, reaching out to caress her cheek. She pulls away quickly, steadying herself from tumbling down the steps.

“Do not, touch me.” His smile was pure evil, feigning innocence.

“So you’d rather let a Serpent run his dirty little hands over you, than the quarterback?” Mock hurt sprawls over his features, as she digests what he just said.

“What are you talking about?”

“I have eyes everywhere, Betty. I know you went to Southside High today. And the only people who go to that school are drug dealers, or serpents. Mostly a mix of both.” Her heart drops at the mention of her trip, no doubt worried her mom will find out.

Steeling her features, she pushes past him and heads into the school. The bell rings, and the halls fill with her peers. Groups melting together, quick hellos and goodbyes before the next bell rings. Betty just sighs, the hole in her chest getting bigger. As she heads to her last class, a few girls pipe up beside her.

“Isn’t she the one who Chuck fucked?” Laughter amongst the group. Betty turned to look at them, but another whisper to her left caught her attention.

“So she sleeps with Chuck, then dumps him for some Southside trash? What a bitch.” Her breathing becomes short, fingers curling in to dig deep, keep her grounded.

The rumors keep coming. Everyday is something different. Someone new asking for her number, or what position she liked the best. Guys would walk by and grab her thigh, or sit beside her and lay a hand on her leg. She was getting less and less sleep, up all hours with no chance of resting.

2 weeks had past since her visit to Southside. She actually liked it there, tending to visit more and more as the atmosphere of Riverdale became more hostile. She never gave Jughead a full reason why she would visit so often either, just saying she had free periods and left it at that. She suspected he didn’t mind, since she was around so often.

Today was a particularly bad day though. Everyone seemed to be saying something to her, or about her, or grabbing at her. She had walked up to her locker, unlocking it to get her math book when a hand came up and rested on her ass, then pulled away and dropped back down with a loud smack sound.

Turning abruptly, she came face to face with Chuck Clayton once more.

“Hey there, Serpent Slut.” His voice was riddled with sexual tension, smirking at her startled features.

Hurrying out of the halls, she heads for the Blue&Gold office, her retreat from the hectic school. As she enters, she slams the door,locking and leaning back against it. Hot tears slide down her face, unaware of the crying even starting. She pulls out her phone, unable to decide who to call.

Before she knows it, her fingers are dialing, and the phone is ringing. Incapable of hanging up, a familiar voice speaks up on the other end.


“Juggie…” Her voice is little over a whisper, and panic rises in his voice.

“Betty?? Betty what happened. Where are you?” Muffled sounds in the background indicate movement.


“I’ll be right there, just hang on ok?” She nods, knowing he can’t see her actions.

Within 30 minutes Jughead appears at the window for the newspapers office, knocking quietly. Betty rushes over, opening the window and engulfing him with a hug as he enters.

“Hey there Juliet, what’s got you so wound up?” Concern etched his normally stoic features, rare signs of emotions reserved for only her.

“Chuck.” She says, between sniffles. His body stiffens at the mention of her aforementioned rumor starter.

“What did that asshole say this time?” Jugheads voice laced with deadly venom, pulling Betty’s hands up and linking their fingers. He could feel the blood from her escape, but didn’t drill her on the cause.

“Juggie…” she whispered.

“What is it Betts?”

“Can you help me take my own life?”

Am I the only one?

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