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Hello there! I've been seeing so many people say Calum "let himself go" (which is complete and total bullshit) and saw that you also commented on it defending our little pup so I was wondering if you could do one where Calum gets insecure about the comments but you let him know how perfect he is both physically and mentally and just so much fluff

*Michelle tanner voice*
“You got it dude.”

The door closes and you glance up from your book, finding Calum kicking off his shoes.

Lifting his head, he moves his gaze to see you staring at him and he quickly plasters on his most convincing smile. But it’s too late, you’ve already seen the pout that you hate so much to see carved into his beautiful Caramel coloured features and dusty rose coloured lips.

He gently walks over, pressing a kiss against your forehead, nose, and finally your lips. A gesture that had become a nightly practice during the time you had been together. You gently grasp his hand giving it a tight squeeze as he sits next to you on the couch.

You scoot to the opposite edge of the couch, patting your lap. He gently lies down, curling up next to you, his dark curls splayed across your lap. You set down your magazine and run your fingers the ought Calum’s curls.

He lets his eyes droop but you pull him back to consciousness with your voice, the one he swears you could listen to on repeat for years at a time.

“What’s wrong lil’ nugget?” You ask.

A pout forms on his plump lips, and he buries his face against the blanket on your lap.

“Hey,” You say quietly, “We tell each other everything. I’m right here babe.”

He takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out, turning to lie on his back and look up at you.

“Do- Do you think I’m getting fat?”

Shock is apparent on your features as you realise what he’s just asked you, and suddenly your at a loss for words.

“I knew it!” He cries out.

“No, Baby, why would you think that?”

“Because everyone’s saying that I’m ‘letting go of myself.’ Bug! They’re saying that I’m getting fat.”

You let out a small giggle.

“Hey don’t laugh at me!” He pouts.

“Sorry, sorry, Baby, you’re far from fat, look at these muscles.” You say pulling up his arm so he flexes, “And your leg muscles, baby, your looking better than ever! And I love your little tummy! It’s so cute and oh my god I’ve already named it, his name is lil’ Squish Junior because your cheeks are your original lil’ Squish. And! And- it makes an amazing place to nap during our long flights.” You state softly, “And if they’re referring to your notebooks and showing your thoughts, babe I’ve never been more proud of you. You’re finally opening up to people and they’re so happy to finally see what’s going on in your beautiful little head. No ones perfect Cal, but you’re so damn close.”

He smiles at you and gently juts out his lips and you bend down, placing a soft kiss on them.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” He says.

“Hm,” you hum, “Now go to sleep, you look tired.”

He grins at you like a toddler on his birthday.

You weave your fingers through his hair as his eyes flutter shut. Soon small snores tumble out of his mouth leaving you to wonder, how you got lucky enough to to deserve your lil’ nugget.


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