This probably looks well, weird. At the time I was quite close to the screen working my way with Photoshop mashing together three textures used from CG Textures; a top layer of snow, the second being ice and the last having to be a gravel texture.

My initial thought was to create somewhere within a snowing place where a lake had been frozen and whoever was looking at this one particular place would be able to see the gravel beneath.

My first reaction on completion was something on the lines of “not bad” but only when I got home (if you saw this previously, it would’ve had NTS: finish the description) seeing this from a far just makes it look… well like… I don’t know. Not what I pictured it to be I guess.

Improvements would be depth. There’s no depth from the ground-level gravel and the snow on top. I could add something along the lines of Ambient Occlusion and possibly make the ice a tad less transparent. At least I tried.