“The trick is to keep your identity separate from your opinions - they are objects in a box you carry with you and should be easily replaceable if it turns out they’re no good. If you think that the opinions in the box are *who you are* then you’ll cling to them despite any evidence to the contrary.”

-CGP Grey



Questionable theme songs for some of my favorite Youtubers.

I was recently listening to the “Hello Internet” podcast, hosted by YouTube video creators CGPGrey and Brady Haran. On this podcast, one of the hosts, CGPGrey, spoke about a to-do list which he created, on which he has a list of tasks he would like to complete on a “perfect day”.

I decided I would create my own version, and list the tasks I would like to complete in order to have a fully productive day. This is my list.

I created my list using an application called “Todoist”, which is an application that is available on all of the platforms I utilise, i.e. Windows, iPhone and iPad. 

I love this application, because the Todoist team send you a weekly summary of your productivity, which is great inspiration to get things done!


The True Cost of the Royal Family.


The (Secret) City of London Part 1: History

C.G.P. Grey takes a fascinating look at the mostly-unknown city within a city within a country within a country.


C. G. P. Grey settles the difference once and for all! Holland vs. The Netherlands everybody.

Make sure to check out his other videos as well, as they are very informative - not only concerning the subject of this blog!


A question I have often wondered myself.


For Asexual Awareness Week I made a CGPGrey-style explanation video. I worked on this for a month, writing the script, recording my voice, creating all the stills and editing it. Most of it sucked the first time, so I did everything at least twice. It’s by far the most frustrating project I’ve ever worked on. Now, I don’t have many followers and to see I didn’t even got 50 views on something I worked so hard on, is pretty devastating. So if you approve of this video, I’ll be forever grateful if you’d publish this! I’ll go away now.


(I highly recommend to visit this channel!! :P)


Digital Aristotle: Thoughts on the Future of Education (by CGPGrey)

Listen to the dulcet tones of CGPGrey!


History Lesson for the History Channel

anonymous asked:

why are the fine bros losing followers?

basically they released a video about how totally excited they are to announce that they will be licensing out “[their] react video format.” And y’know like, how licensing stuff works is that you pay them to produce things under their brand. except like, they’re being such gracious people and not charging fees up front. You just would have to pay them later. Y’know. For making simple react videos.

Like, you sat a few people of a certain demographic down and made them look at a thing and then recorded them responding to that thing! It’s like… facebook comments, but in video format!! Woooowww! You’re trademarking… that?

Anyway, CGPGrey (a better explainer than I will ever be) sarcastically rephrases their video here:

also if u like Cr1TiKaL, he also reacts to their video:

and then after it was received less-than-enthusiastically, they posted another video about how they realized they used big, scary legal words and they are sorry that our small brains got confused, and they then proceed to vaguely condescendingly ‘explain’ what they meant. It wasn’t an apology or anything of the sort, and they didn’t seem to understand what really upset people about this.

CGPGrey master-of-sarcasm’d this one, too:

I don’t necessarily think that they were coming from a malicious place with their idea, but did they really think that people would be lining up for this? I’m like 80% sure that anyone interested in making react videos would rather just… make their own. On their own.