cgi resident evil


The new Biohazard: Vendetta trailer featuring English dialogue. The Japanese release is set for May 27, 2017 and the US release is expected in later 2017.

In an interview, scriptwriter Shotaro Suga suggests that Leon and Ada had an off-screen romantic encounter while Resident Evil 5 was ongoing, more accurate, he did said something about: “Romantic Dinner/Hotel/motel room night”; there was not enough time in the movie to  explore their relationship as Shotaro had planned, so he left a “open window” for the fans to “interpretate it as they want” but he did confirmed that it was somewhere around RE5, and that the line was not a reference to any past games.

Alien: Covenant

Ok but what t h e fUCk

Fav parts (spoiler alert i guess?)(actually an abstract)

-scientists and soldiers making really poor decisions (and incoherant at that)
-unnecessary gory alien attack (feat.human insides actually not really inside of said humans)
-karate kid alien
-aragorn fassbender
-the flute playing duo TM
-seriously the flute playing was flamboyant
-resident evil cgi
-cabinet de curiosité de merde là
-3 teams of 1 TM
-gollum rock throwing android
-what the fuck was that thing
Seriously that’s ridiculous like the little grown ass alien coming out da belly and throwing his hands up in a deep connection with android dad on a cute little lullaby
-android’s existential crisis
-science as we know it no longer e x i s t s
-c'est vraiment nul ce film hein
-do humans really have that much blood
-sexy shower time interrupted OMG THATS GROSS
-funk music and bloody bathroom
-oh noo it’s the wrong android we didn’t sez that coming uh
Overall it sucked.