CGG: “So nothing happened between you and your comanding officer Urie Kuki you should have reported.

Saiko: “No nothing not a thing.”

CCG: “ When back up arrived Mr. Kuki was unconscious and the top three stories of a building were destroyed.

Saiko: “Fine… you caught us… we’re secretly in a relationship and went at it really rough…”

Stel je voor dat je grootste angst is om verlaten te worden, een angst die enkel overtroffen wordt door de gruwel die je ondergaat als je in de spiegel je lege, waardeloze zelf ziet. Hoe moeilijk is het dan wel niet om die gevoelens te delen met de mensen van wie je vreest dat ze je zullen afwijzen?
—  Ergens gelezen en opgeschreven omdat het me tot het bot raakte. Ik me in de woorden kon vinden en het gevoel had dat ergens daarbuiten misschien wel iemand mij verstaat…
An Eye for an Eye

I’ve been thinking. For how long have ghouls had their friends and family turned into weapons by the CCG to use against them.

So when Eto and and the rest of aogiri teamed up with Kanou to begin turning CGG investigators into one’eyed ghoul “weapons” to use against the CGG.

There is some kind of great poetic irony. Perhaps on purpose by Eto, so humans have to feel the same grief as the ghouls.

It fits well within the Tokyo Ghoul’s theme of the eye for an eye cycle of hatred and death between humans and ghoul.

So in the end.

Can you spot the difference?

So about that little mouse

There has already been some interesting and good meta about the ways the CCG are currently messing up, how “unhuman” they are treating ghouls for example, and that is leaking out into society. I’m not going into that as much, but I think the case of Chie Hori and her actions will play into it as well.

Now Chie herself is not the most… morally sound character (and I love her for it) and the fact that CCG is actually sending investigators after her is incredibly joyous for me. There is more to that.

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Random thoughts on Tsukiyama:re

I think Tsukiyama’s reapperance is taking a long time because he will be an important key to Sasaki’s memories to come back. As we saw, Kaneki’s friends at the Anteiku are letting him live his new life, leaving him be a CGG member. But Tsukiyama snaped after Kaneki’s ‘death’, if he had to meet Sasaki, there is high chances he would not react like the others, preserving him from his true identity & tell him about Kaneki Ken, the man he was before. Because Kaneki was his 'special meal’ he got really involded with, Tsukiyama would the old Kaneki back. He actually is the character who would’ve not let Kaneki Ken’s identity fade away, even for the boy’s good.

I suppose most of you don’t know who the man on the photo is. He is not American so most of you don’t care and probably never heard about him. This is Tomislav Salopek.

He was from Croatia. He was 31 and had a wife and two kids. He was working for a french company CGG in Kairo, Egypt. Yesterday he was executed by isis.

I personally didn’t know him but after everything that has happend over the last few days I feel so sad to hear he was so brutally murdered. He did nothing wrong. He was completely innocent. He was abducted while he was going to work on August 22nd.

If he were American this whole site would be full of prayers and posts about him. But he’s not. Still he shouldn’t be forgotten just because he’s not from US.

R.I.P. Tomislav, you will always be in our prayers. Not only you, but also your family.


“When I came to Montana that summer, Tess, I thought I was ready. I really did. I was going to give you everything. But Gramps called me out, and he was right, Tessie. I wasn’t doing it for you. You were thriving. You were happy. And I…” The words got caught in her throat, but she forced them out. “I was your sister. I was never going to be strong enough or successful enough. There was never going to be a right time to tell you. You were happy. And you deserved to be happy.”

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