What if he didn’t eat the mice because he saw uncomfortable Steven was about it and decided to hold onto it. That episode showed:

  • Onion pulls this crap all the time and has apparently broken windows in the Gems home. 
  • Amethyst and Vidalia were friends
  • Greg, Amethyst and Vidalia were their own little group
  • Ame had friends outside the CG
  • Ame had someone to vent to.
  • Ame and Vidalia were close and it’s probably why amethyst is super humanized and chill.
  • Onion has a pet snake.
  • Onion has his own trophy room that only he can get to full of guys
  • Gave Steven a guy and shared something ultra personal with him and didn’t have to.
  • Steven wants to give Amethyst time to vent to someone who understands her.
  • Desensitized to probably violence, theft, blood and human genitalia . Steals often and is his way of expressing himself. And has his own birthing on video tape and shows it to people. Also proves Onion was born… and not… poofed into existence.
  • Doesn’t eat and probably doesn’t like the texture of food or the way it feels when he swallows.
  • He has guys and gals and he has lots of gals. 
  • Doesn’t mind carrying things in his mouth but won’t swallow them probably. 
  • and lots more shit I’d have to go back and check.

sidenote: Does Onion have friends? Is that place between the walls his safe place away from the darkness and loud music? How often is his father gone (I know fishermen can be gone for long periods of time)? Was there any significance to the explorer gal, does she favor anyone or mean anything?

I actually like Onion a lot more now that we got a feel of how he kind of is. I think he likes Steven and enjoys to see him become so animated. Steven also feels like he has to suck it up and put his feelings on the backburner for the Gems unfortunately which could cause major issues.