sleeping with a little

Mommy: *deeply sleeping*

Baby: *wakes up for no reason* Mommy?

Baby: *pulls Mommy’s shirt* Mommyyyyyy

Baby: *bites Mommy’s hand*

Baby: *pokes Mommy repeatedly*

Baby: *shakes Mommy*

Baby: *pouts* Mommy, Mommy, Mommyyy

Mommy: *opens eyes just a bit and hugs baby* okay just enough, yes baby?

Baby: *hugs Mommy and breathes relaxed*

🎀 Growing up🎀

Daddy and me eating dinner:

Me: “Daddy. I don’t wanna eat my veggies!”

Daddy: “But Baby…You have to eat them. Otherwise you can’t grow and you’ll stay as small as you are.”

Me: “You see? That’s why I don’t eat them.”

💫Creeps are disgusting 💫

💖Pedophiles are disgusting💖

🐰Ephebophiles are disgusting🐰

💌Hebephiles are disgusting💌

💮Nepiophiles are discusting💮

🎠Children/animal fetishists are disgusting🎠

🍰Zoophiles are disgusting🍰

💟Necrophiles are disgusting💟

👗Fetishists of cute stuff/hobbies fans are disgusting👗

✨Old geezers preying on young people are disgusting✨

🎀Anything above when normalized in fiction is disgusting 🎀