cg md!

How to Tell if I’m in Little Space
  • High-pitched squeals in response to small animals
  • Cuddling onto anyone nearby
  • Carrying my favorite stuffy around
  • Overly excited about cake and/or ice cream
  • Saying “Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy” under my breath over and over again
  • Whining
  • Sensitive to everything
  • Making my stuffies dance and then giving them little kisses
  • Fuzzy socks~!
  • Lisp becomes more noticeable (”th” because “f” and “r” becomes “w” and “ll” turns into “ww”)
  • Sleepy at a reasonable time but “dun wanna go to bed”

Aight imma just throw this out here.

I support all littles, caregivers, age regressors, and anyone else.

I support trans and non binary littles and caregivers.

I support underage littles and caregivers.

I support caregivers who like being called mommy or daddy.

I support caregivers who don’t like terms such as those.

I support those who age play, as long as it is safe and consensual.

I support those who are completely non sexual regressors.

I support what ever label you classify yourself under, as long as you aren’t causing issues for others in that community.

You can be kidhearted, or dd/lg, or cglre, or liltot, or chire, or whatever your heart desires.

Just be respectful.

Daddies can regress too and it’s the cutest thing ever haha 💝 There needs to be more love for boys who regress. My daddy can be the most powerful and big, strong super hero to me one second and then someone who needs to be held and told not to chew on things the next. It’s so adorable! Switches need more love and I personally don’t see enough 💕
More love for boys who regress.
More love for switches.
More love 💖

Breakfast Time!
  • Daddy: What would you like to eat for breakfast, my love?
  • Little: Candiieess!! I want chocolate and lollipops an-
  • Daddy: You know that those are not for breakfast, littleone.
  • Little: ...they are if you eat them during breakfast time :3
  • ✨Silly Daddy, he's still learning 😏✨

Choco Bunny’s Rules for Littles without Caregivers

● Don’t Hurt Yourself or Others.
You are wonderful and precious, you’re special and there’s no one else in the world like you! Please don’t hurt yourself. There’s only one you. You’re a special celebration. Don’t give yourself ouchies. I can’t be there to give them kissies. And don’t hurt others. You’re a good Little, aren’t you? Only meanies hurt others on purpose.

● Sweets No More Than 3 Times A Day
Sweets are good, but too many are bad for Littles. You could get an upset tummy, and crash hard after having too much. Remember you can have other sweet things like dried fruits, yogurt and juices! Cookies, candies, and ice cream  should be eaten sparingly. But it’s okay to have some!

● Brush Your Teeth Every Morning and Night
This one might be hard to remember, but it’s important to keep your bright happy smile as pretty as possible. Because I love it when you smile, and you should feel proud to show me how well your cleaned your little toothies.

● Bathies Every Other Night
This one may be hard to do. I know it feels like hard work to drag yourself into the shower, but remember how good and clean and nice you feel afterwards. Make it  fun with lots of bubbles and bath crayons, or take it when you have trouble sleeping. You won’t get punished too much if you miss this one, but try to reward yourself instead. Save one of your sweets for after your bath so you can have something to look forward too!

● Take Your Medicines
Pills, vitamins, insulin shots, whatever you need to stay safe and healthy make sure you do it. I love you very much, and I would be sad if my precious Little got hurt from not remembering to take their medicines. Try and keep a sticker chart to help you remember, or flip your bottle upside down once you’ve taken it, in case you forget if you have or not.

● Tell Your Plushies Good Morning and Good Night
You know while you’re waiting for someone to take care of you, you take care of your plushies. Having someone to tell good morning and good night to can make you feel warmer and happier. It helps start your day off happy, and winds  you down for sleepy times. Plus your plushies are always happy to hear you talk to them. Give them lots of kissies too.

● Bedtime is No Later Than 11:00pm || 23:00
No pouting or talking back. Bedtime is bedtime. Sleep is very important for a growing Little like you. Bedtime is safe time, get warm and cozy with all your blankies, make a nest of pillows and plushies. If you need me too, I will read you a bedtime story. But you need to make sure you get your sleep Little One, understand?

● Talk to Someone if You Feel Sad or Unsafe
If you start to feel more sad than usual, if Little Space on your own doesn’t help make those loud bad thoughts go away, talk to someone. Talk to other Littles, talk to a Sitter or Foster, talk to Me. I will be here for you to blow those thoughts far away an assure you how much your loved, and how your Space is a good safe space. If anyone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable block them. You don’t owe them a single explanation, your safety comes first. Always.

● Remember I Love You to the Moon and Back
I love you, Little One. I love you more than there are stars and space multiplied by the grains of sand on every beach. I love your sleepy yawns, and grumpy pouts. I love you wrapped up in blankets or splashing in the bath. I love you when you worry that you’re being clingy and needy, because you’re not. It makes me so happy to feel needed by you. I love you, Little One. I love you so much. Follow the rules and take care of yourself. Understood?

- Ayru

Things mommy says that make me squeal or gulp

• “Watch your mouth”
•"You shouldn’t say bad words, baby boy”
•"I got you something"
•(And afterwards) “I can’t wait to spoil you”
•(Also) “I can’t wait to see the look on your adorable face”
•Literally just call me baby I swear to god

🐻I need a nap with all of my stuffies🐻

Advice For Littles Who Miss their Caregivers

Not being around your caregiver can really be a bummer. I have really bad anxiety and depression so not being around my caregiver sometimes makes me feel *sad dinosaur noise*.

After thinking about it I thought it would’ve been a good idea to make a post about different things that might help other littles to not feel so *sad dinosaur noise*.

• Hum your favourite song
• Draw a picture
• Paint something
• Take a nap
• Make sure to eat
• Make sure to drink the right amount of water
• Color
• Cuddle with your blanket/ stuffies
• Go for a walk
• Play video games
• Exercise
• Do your nails
• Watch videos
• Cook/ Bake something
• Find a new hobby
• Catch up on any work that you missed out on/ is due soon
• Write a poem/ song
• Make silly faces
• Dance around
• Watch a movie
• Do your makeup (even if you’re not going anywhere)
• Sort out your room, a clean space is a happy space
• Make a collage of your aesthetic
• Keep yourself occupied

I find these things work for me, you could give them a try and see what works for you. The key is to keep yourself occupied until you can get to see or talk to your caregiver again. This list is just to give ideas on what to do. Please do not feel like you have to do all of these, if none of them work don’t feel bad, do what works for you.

I hope this helps ^-^)/ I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Remember to smile.