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드디어 #CG뷔 나오셨습니다 얼굴만 봐도 힐링 되는 걸 보니 우리 #태태 는 #뷔타민 인 것 같네요 껄껄 ˵¯͒ꇴ¯͒˵ ~ (+옆 나라 #왕자님의 깨알 같은 귀여움도 봐주세요)

Finally #CGV* has come out. Even just looking at his face, it feels like I’m being healed. It seems that our #TaeTae is like a #Vitamin. ggeol ggeol** ˵¯͒ꇴ¯͒˵ ~ (+Please look at the neighboring country’s #prince’s small cuteness)
*T/N: CGV = CG (computer graphic) V because he is so beautiful he seems like a CG.
**T/N: ggeol ggeol is the sound of laughing.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Here’s the short, short film that I worked on with some of my classmates!
We spent four weeks on it and used a mixture of 3D and 2D for our look. The film is targeted towards children of 4 to 6 years of age. I got to be technical director and cg generalist on the project and I really enjoyed our production.

Social technology is a reflection of self. When we talk to someone on video, we see not only the other person but also an image of ourselves. We post pictures of ourselves online; the rate at which we can collect, reproduce, and share our self-reflections only increases with technology. This is relevant not only to images, but ideas as well. The ability to reflect our own thoughts and share our ideas increases with the capabilities of technology and the internet. No longer just a concept of “vanity,” your back-to-back selfies in your camera roll are actually a signifier of the complexity by which we understand the human condition today

Inspired by @moisesnotfound