cg cookie

Did this exercise from the CGcookie site. Pretty clear what it is!

I attempted to try to do things a bit differently. For the Vampire I made it a younger man where the jaw is able to split and open up larger. The Frankenstein monster is a stitched together woman. Nothing special about the money. The witch disguises her old, frail form behind a young womans form. And the zombie is.. a zombie.


A concept based on a pink rose for the Concept Cookie Spring Contest. The first is the Pink Rose Princess in her casual attire in the wood of her homeland. The daughter of the Tree king and White Rose Queen, she is left to her own devices, exploring the vast woods with her insect friends and younger siblings. The second image however is the princess is in the land of her betrothed the Red Rose prince, where it is encouraged for her to look as red as possible to not offend the royal family.

For Those Interested...

((Blender can be downloaded here:

All the tutorials you could ever need can be found here:

Not a dime needs to be spent unless you want the “citizen” tutorials, in which case I advise getting a month long membership, downloading all the source files for the citizen tutorials, then wait a while for more citizen tutorials to be made before renewing your membership. It’s totally worth the $20.))