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Did this exercise from the CGcookie site. Pretty clear what it is!

I attempted to try to do things a bit differently. For the Vampire I made it a younger man where the jaw is able to split and open up larger. The Frankenstein monster is a stitched together woman. Nothing special about the money. The witch disguises her old, frail form behind a young womans form. And the zombie is.. a zombie.

For Those Interested...

((Blender can be downloaded here:

All the tutorials you could ever need can be found here:

Not a dime needs to be spent unless you want the “citizen” tutorials, in which case I advise getting a month long membership, downloading all the source files for the citizen tutorials, then wait a while for more citizen tutorials to be made before renewing your membership. It’s totally worth the $20.))

Lots of Citizen Content Coming Soon!

Over the next few months I’m going to be working to push out a lot of new Citizen content on Blender Cookie. One of goals for Citizen, is to make it a service that really helps you increase your Blender skills to work professionally with Blender. This means there’s a lot of content coming that is geared specifically to improving skills, workflows, and other aspects of how you use Blender. 

A couple of the specific series and topics that I’m going to be covering include:

  • Mastering Cycles - A look at how to use all the advanced features in Cycles to gain full control over your renders.
  • Learning the Modeling Tools - A complete series dedicated to learning all of the different modeling tools in Blender so that you can become a more efficient and productive modeler.
  • Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling - A look at how to approach hard-surface modeling.
  • Introduction to Organic Character Modeling - A look at the key aspects of creating organic characters
  • Introduction to Sculpting - Learn how to use the sculpting tools in Blender to open up a lot of options for creating great models.

Fun times are ahead!
Concept Cookie | Concept Art Tutorials and Training.

Curioseando en DA, encuentro unos tutos muy chidos para distintas plataformas de arte (Aplicaciones de diseño) entre ellas Paint Tool SAI, PSD, Gimp, Blender… etc.Hechen un vistazo, esta muy chido y pro. (Info en ingles)

The site manager and concept artist for a digital art tutorial site called Concept Cookie. If you are interested in learning digital art, this site is meant to provide digital artists with tutorials, resources, references, feedback, and insight to help them grow as an artist.

Exercise: Character Sketching

Creating Realistic Wrinkles and Folding Fabric


Just published my overview of all the new toys in Blender 2.64. Lots of great fun stuff to play with!

CG Cookie Livestream - Draw With Me - Very Cherry - 7.22.2015

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Today’s 2D Digital Art Livestream will be the first stream where you can draw alongside with a .PSD that we provide, including the lineart and color pallete. The stream starts at 2PM CST (-5GMT) and you can download the file HERE:


CG Cookie Livestream - Character Spitpaint - 7.29.15

The Livestream starts at 2PM CDT. More info HERE:

We’ve been doing a lot of focused studies during the livestreams so today we’re gonna have fun with a character spitpaint and learn about the Mixer Brush! Come join, have fun, ask questions, and hopefully learn something in the process!