cg band

darrengeek  asked:

I noticed that CG's band members have changed over the last few performances. I know the original band included a horn section but the drummer and back ground vocalist were different again today at Macy's gig. Do you know why? Just curious.

My guess is availability. They are all musicians and my guess is that they aren’t always available to play with the guys, so them having so many musician friends have more than one for them to ask.

Just in case you were wondering who they were. On their cd release party and at the Aids walk in NY, Zach Jones was playing drums. On the Teragram Ballroom show it was Jacob Hyman who’s the drummer for Freelance Whales.

On background vocals, for their cd release party and the Teragram Ballroom show it was Clark Baxtresser. For the Aids Walk in NY it was Hannah Winkler.

As for the show at Macy’s I don’t know who they are. I don’t remember having seen them before with Darren, StarKid or any other project. Maybe they have but at the moment I really can’t remember. Maybe someone else knows.

Not to be opinionated or anything but like i hatehatehate the whole “marching band and color guard” thing like can we just be one entity. Please. It’s like having the marching band and the saxophone section. The marching band and the drum line. We are literally just another section. Just because we don’t get music sheets means we have to be separated? Maybe its a personal thing but jfc every time i hear it i wanna cut a bitch