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Executive Dysfunction

The more I find myself having to explain executive dysfunction to people the more I realise it’s near impossible. There’s a thing. I wanna do that thing, I really do. But no matter how hard I try to tell my brain to do the thing, it won’t do the thing. I can’t tell you the amount of hours I’ve spent scrolling mindlessly through social media wanting more than anything to stop, but I can’t.

This concept is so ridiculously alien to abled/neurotypical people and makes awareness/acceptance for it so hard to achieve. If an abled/nt person wants to, say, have a shower, or get some food, they just up and do it, no second thought. But the amount of mental exhaustion that goes into getting myself to get up and do one of those things can honestly be disabling in itself.

It’s not laziness, or not caring. It’s a total mental block between wanting something and doing something about it. I really wish the concept of this was more widely acknowledged. We are not lazy.

Attention spoonies who are heat intolerant! (Or anybody else effected by heat)

This stuff is pure magic, you spray it on your face a couple of times or in the air around you and it instantly cools you down, doesn’t effect my makeup as a bonus. It’s a fiver in boots but might be cheaper elsewhere, it’s saving me this summer so worth every penny

Edit: might also be good for people experiencing hot flushes/menopause

🌹 Adult Self Care Rules 🌹

• NO self blaming.
▪ if you have negative voices telling you that you aren’t good enough, whether they are from yourself or from a past abuser, acknowledge them, write them down, and know that they are false.
• Learn from mistakes, forgive yourself for them.
• Tidy up one room/drawer/mess a day.
• Do one hour of “me time” a day.
▪ Journal, read, listen to music, do makeup, crafts, go thrift shopping, get a massage/do self massage.
• Do one yoga video a day. Save favorites to a playlist on youtube. Look up specific ones for specific body pains/mental troubles.
• Hatch one egg per week on Pokemon Go.
• Wash bed sheets one a week.
• Write in journal daily.
• Read one chapter of a book or more daily.
• Study a foreign language on Duolingo at least 15 minutes a day. (OR American sign language)
• Have an orgasm once a day. Use the energy to help complete daily tasks or other self care items.
• Vacuum Daily.
• Say “NO” and mean it. No apologies.
• Take a 30 minute nap.
• Take a multivitamin daily.
• Write one new story/Draw something new at least once a week.
• Watch a documentary. (Stay away from triggering subjects.)
• Collect change in a jar and save up to buy seeds/plants once a month.
• Do guided meditation.
• Reach out. Call someone. Write a letter.
• Create a music playlist for your mood or moments in your life.
• Go to instagram/Tumblr and leave sweet comments on girl’s pictures. Spread positivity.
• Use a lip scrub / Spray your face with rose water. (Look up diy videos on how to make each of these.)
• Lay in the sun. Use sunscreen liberally.
• Write down your creative ideas at night on a notepad by your bed and then do creative things in the morning when you are rested.
• Clean/disinfect phone screen and case once a week. It breeds bacteria and makes your face break out.
• Blast music and dance and sing with no embarrassment.
• Play video games if you have the energy.
• Ask for help. Write a list of things you need help with. Reach out.
• Set reminders on your phone for everything. Appointments, pills, water breaks, self care goals, etc.
• Create a mental space that resembles a container with a functioning lid to set your intrusive thoughts and memories in when they get too overwhelming. Visit them only when you are in a safe place or at your therapists.
• Acknowledge feelings and emotions as they come. Separate yourself from your emotions. Know that you’ve felt differently before and you will again. Write them down to help process.
• Be in the moment. Practice mindfulness.
• Focus only on the things YOU can control. You can only control yourself. Let go of the idea that you can control others/their actions.
• Do Maintenance on boundaries in every relationship you have. Every human relationship needs healthy boundaries.

You all deserve the best in the whole world 💕 Keep on fighting!