Confuzzled 2017 Art Show: Cruisin’ the Cronojon

Submitted this for this year’s Confuzzled art show. The theme this year was to do with time travel, so I decided to go with a drawing that references one of my favourite point and click adventures games, Day of the Tentacle.

Very happy with how this turned out and how quickly I managed to get this piece drawn up as well; it looks great in printed form as well :D

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Contract Forces of Zebrica

Description: CFZ was one of the major private forces operating in the border regions of Zebrica, the other two being Zero Risk Guard and Rogue Okapi. The CFZ were known to operate the western regions of Zebrica. They were likely closely connected to Zebrican Defence Force headquarters in Neightoria, most of the CFZs operators were former ZDF guards. Most of their staffs were Zebra in origin, some of its founding members were Equestrian, largely because of Equestria’s ties with Zebrica. Some of the CFZ staffs, however, locally hired. Tensions were high between the Zebra and Equestrian members of the CFZ, largely due to the latter group’s involvement via species in the Second Boar War.