CAMP RIPPER, Iraq - Cpl. Christie Baker, 20, civil affairs clerk, Detachment 1, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines, Civil Affairs Group, Regimental Combat Team 5, carries Cpl. Chantel Saville, 20, Headquarters Company, RCT-5, during the combat fitness test portion of RCT-5’s corporals course at Camp Ripper, Iraq, April 12. In addition to learning a variety of leadership skills, the corporals were also pushed physically during several physical training sessions. (Photo: Gunnery Sgt Jason Bortz)


Combat Fitness Test (CFT) - Maneuver Under Fire

ARLINGTON, Va. - Sgt. Danielle C.K. Holladay, 24, demonstrates the appropriate technique for the ammunition can lift event of the Combat Fitness Test on Aug 18. Holladay, the chief instructor of the Combat Conditioning Program at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence, is part of Training and Education Command’s Corps-wide CFT demonstration tour that kicked off Aug. 18, 2008.

Coffee For Two // Louis and Harry

Louis twisted the ring around his finger, smiling to himself as he walked down the street to the coffee shop. It was almost like he hadn’t seen Harry in two months, like they had had no time to themselves at all recently. Louis flicked his hair out of his eyes, thinking about that last time they had really talked. Which seemed like forever a go but was really just last night at the beach. Louis  pushed open the door to the coffee shop, the warm air making him sigh. His eyes fluttered around the room, looking for the familiar head on curly hair. 

coffee for two || jax + louis

If there was one thing that Louis had been looking forward to over the past few days, it was meeting up for coffee with a certain Malik; and okay, maybe Louis was a little too eager to meet up with the other male. After everything that had been going on recently, Louis knew that he shouldn’t be as interested in Jax as he was – but at the same time, he couldn’t seem to help it. There was just something about the other male, something that Louis couldn’t quite put his finger on. Arriving to the coffee shop, the male slipped inside, taking a table by the windows as he waited for the other to arrive.

Cookies for two || Dylena

Dylan was going to try be friends with Selena even if it killed him. It was the only way he could start to trust her again. After the party, he wasn’t 100% sure she even loved him like she told him. Some how it ended up with him just wondering if his relationship with her was even like he thought. He loved her but hearing her say that she need to make that mistake to know how she felt about him, hurt. Although kissing her at the party, was amazing. It made him wish he could just trust her again but it wasn’t like that, it would take some time for that. So he came up with a way to hang out with her. Knowing food was like Mary-Jane to Spiderman, to Selena, he knew if he mentioned he had it. That would be a good reason to go and hang out with her.

He grabbed his starbucks cookies of the counter. Unsure why he bought 12 of them in the first place. The dark haired guy took his car keys, phone and wallet with him. Dylan took his car to the park, just in case he need to make a quick get away. He pulled up outside the park. Taking a deep breathe before getting out the car, the guy walked into the park with his phone in his pocket, cookies in one hand, he stuffed his keys into the other pocket. Hoping he could control all his urges around Selena.