I can’t say it enough: know your worth, know what you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel empowered and amazing and beautiful. I want you to smile when you see yourself in the mirror. Do not let anyone put you down, do not let them put out the flame that burns inside you. Run after your dreams and leave behind anyone who says you can’t achieve them. Ask for the things you want, and walk away when you’re told you don’t deserve them. Who is to say what you need or truly want other than you? That’s right: no one else but yourself. Live your life how you want to and seriously fuck anyone who tries to get in the way of it. Spread your graceful, beautiful, strong wings and soar, my beautiful friend. It’s what you deserve. Let them know they are wrong, that you know your worth and will always fight for it. Fight to the end and choose self love always.

Coming to terms with the truth is sometimes the hardest reality to face. Acknowledging that cruelty and selfishness are guiding a persons actions you believed to be so good is a painful experience. Realizing just how quickly hate can enter your heart and contaminate your very core is a damaging moment in itself. However, the surprising generosity and support and love of those around you just help you push forward and remember to believe in the goodness of this world allover again.


Combat Fitness Test (CFT) - Maneuver Under Fire

General Dynamics F-16I Sufa

F-16I has approximately 50% Israeli-developed avionics and can employ Rafael’s Python 5 infrared-guided air-to-air missile, and often uses Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)’s removable conformal fuel tanks (CFT) for extended range