Mila Powell is the crazy. She is nineteen years old, and is a freshman in college. Mila looks a lot like Shenae Grimes and she is a open role.

“It seems like would’ve fixed it. But I’ve been gone for way too. Put a band-aid on to fix it.’”

+ loving, kind, compassionate
- distant, naive, self-destructive

| Personality

Mila is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. She genuinely cares about and loves people, and is honestly interested in their well-being. If someone is sad, Mila will do anything she can to make their day brighter. She is very compassionate, and it goes so far she can’t stand another person’s pain as she feels it herself too. Mila is satisfied when everyone around her is happy and well. She is generally a positive human being and doesn’t like to look on the negative sides of things, which also leads her to always trying to look for the best in people. Though incidents in her past has lead Mila to believe that there are such things as evil and she believes the evil at Barlow takes form in the trio consisting of Nash Caldwell, the leader, Aiden Wade, the bully, and Clyde Alloway, the narcissist. They scare her even if she has a hope they can be decent human beings too somewhere deep inside.

That being said, it clearly shows Mila is a naive girl. She doesn’t like to believe there is bad stuff going on in the world, even if she knows in the back of her mind that they happen every day. Mila likes to live in her own bubble, trying to make sure all the bad things stay outside of it and all the good things inside. When things get hard, Mila tends to clamp her hands over her ears and disappear into herself, a state only Alec Bradford knows how to get her out of. She is very grateful to him for putting up with her and always tries to make sure Alec’s life is as easy as possible. If that includes cooking for him or doing his laundry, then so be it. Sometimes though, Mila can’t bear to be around other people, especially on bad days where almost nothing is needed to trigger her. She is viewed as the crazy around school, and Mila has come to accept that she is, in fact, crazy.

| Background

Mila wasn’t always insane. In fact, she was pretty much the opposite during her childhood, where she said all the right things, and acted unusually prim and proper in comparison to the other kids her age. She was the quiet little girl who could sit in the sand box with snow white clothes on and still never became dirty. She was mommy’s little angel, and daddy’s little girl, which made her parents shelter her from the real world, in fear that their little daughter would grow up. Her delicate innocence got ruptured, splintered in pieces, when she was twelve and a terrible incident changed her life forever. It was night, a stormy, cold autumn night, where the rain hammered on the windows, and made it impossible to hear anything that wasn’t its invasive sound. That was probably why neither Mila nor her parents heard the gang break into their house before they actually were inside. Mila’s instincts told her to hide, and that was something she always had been good at. Hide and seek had been her favorite game to play as a child, and the reason she had enjoyed it so much was because she always won. She hid in the closet of her room, leaving the door slightly ajar so she could see what was happening. A sound had made her jump, and when she peered through the crack she had seen it was her mother, looking frantically around and hissing her daughter’s name.

Just as Mila was about to leave her hiding place, the door slammed open behind her mother, and a tall man came into sight. Mila had never seen such a cruel expression on a human beings face, and that was the last thing she saw before her mother’s head thumped to the floor. She had gone into a bad form of shock, and when the cops found her, she sat rocking fourth and back beside her mother’s bleeding body, chanting various sentences containing the word ‘blood’. It turned out that the gang of murderers had left as soon as they heard the sirens of the cops, never having the time to finish what they started, and find the last living family member. Her father had died to, but Mila didn’t want to know how. The next year Mila lived in the Psych Ward of the local hospital, refusing to do anything but sit in a chair in her room and stare out the window. She had to be forced to eat, and to take her medications. Eventually, she started to take short breaks from the world she had created for herself, and showed them she was able to behave normally, even for a short amount of time. But she would always disappear into herself again, and sometimes they had to use weeks to lure her out. When she showed enough improvement, she was sent to Barlow Academy under the care of Yvonne Cartwright.

| Relationships

  • Is in love with Alec and tends to blush whenever he flirts with her. She loves him for putting up with her when no one else would, and thinks she owes him the world.
  • Isn’t too fond of Celestia Kyle as the blonde often intends to make Mila cry. Mila doesn’t hold grudges though and even if she tries to stay clear of the girl as much as possible, Mila knows there is something good inside of her too.
  • Likes talking to Effie Whittmore. Mila adores the younger girl for her positivity and bright being. Also tries her best to make Effie’s sister, Centella Whittmore laugh a bit more.
  • Best friends with Leonard Pox.

| Additional info

  • Goes to see Derek Williamson regularly, both to get prescribed medications for her PTSD and to talk about her paranoia.
  • Majors in psychology.
  • Is often seen taking college courses in art as she finds it help with her stress.
  • Loves going to the pool with Alec.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.