Things I learned during my first Millinery class.

  • Hats take longer than a couple hours to make, particularly if it is your first time making one.
  • Thimbles are my finger’s friend.
  • I LOVE making hats
  • I’m not going to be able to finish my hat until after Christmas.  :(

CousinCecily and I spent Sunday with the CFCG and our guest instructor Lynne Taylor from the the GBACG learning how to make a Victorian hat.  

Lynne had created two patterns and brought samples of each style for us to pick from. They are gorgeous examples of hats, with the brown one using vintage trims, while the purple bonnet uses trims purchased from modern and local sources.


The Central Florida Costumers Guild presents “What The Dickens Were They Wearing?”  A look at some of the fashions worn during the time of Charles Dickens.

The actual presentation was an hour long, but I think they did a nice job paring it down. Sadly, they did clip CousinCecily’s discussion on menswear. I was wearing the 1845 gown.

CFCG - Guild Meeting - Korean Hanbok (13th-15thC)

Guest SCA Speaker: Carla Weaver

The Hanbok is the traditional dress of Korea. A true cultural art these wonderfully embroidered and painted garments are each a display of artistic wonder. Over the centuries Hanbok showed societal status and rank for the Korean people along with the talents of their artists. The style of the garments have not change much since the Choson Period. The workshop will discuss the history of the Hanbok in the Choson Period (1354-1910) with the main focus on the 13th to 15th centuries. We will discuss hierarchy, construction, embroidery, and measuring for a proper fit for both men and women.

Students will leave with a basic pattern and instructions to create their own work of art.

Hosted by CFCG with guest speaker and guests from SCA.

Where: The Sewing Studio, Maitland FL

When: Saturday, June 6th, 1-3:30

In October, members of the Central Florida Costumers Guild will be giving a presentation for the Orange County Library System in Orlando.  

We will be discussing and modeling clothing of various silhouettes worn throughout Charles Dickens’ lifetime, from his birth in 1812, through the 1860’s.

CousinCecily and I will be modeling/discussing garments from the 1830-1840’s.