Since it’s the off-season I don’t make as many posts and I’m a few days late to post this, but I will forever be grateful that Petr Cech literally gave his life every time he took his place between the sticks for Chelsea football club.

It’s a shame to see such a legend go, but he wouldn’t leave the club if he didn’t think that we were in good hands with his successor. No matter what color he wears – blue, red, green, pink, or purple – Petr Cech will always, always, always be my absolute favorite goalkeeper … just not while he’s with Arsenal.

So long to an absolute legend of the game.

I think the last picture is extremely appropriate. Peace out Petr!

Stamford Bridge consultation

I popped along to Stamford Bridge on 2 July 2015, as season ticket holders, members and local residents had been invited to view the consultation exhibition on the development of Stamford Bridge into a 60k seater stadium, from its current capacity of 41,600.

It was a very interesting and impressive session, the consultants on hand seemed very open with the information provided and there were very few questions they were unable to answer, from me at least.  I left feeling very positive about the proposals, not least because we will remain at our spiritual home, but also because many of the concerns raised regarding our current set up, for example away fans, atmosphere etc, appear to have been addressed.
Below are a few of the main points I have managed to glean from my visit and since, in no particular order. I make no guarantees of their accuracy or detail; this is just my take on the information provided.

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