Friday February 3, 2012

Back Squat 1RM (365)

OHS 1×10 (heavy/sexy) (95)

5 Rounds
5 Dead Hang Chins (body weight/lightest band)
10 Clapping Push-Ups
1 S. Bag TGU/side (105/70)

Back Squat PR: 365lbs (+10lb PR)

Time: ??

Ok so back to posting blogs… with the new relationship in my life and work I have been lazy with this. New PR on my back squat today which is no surprise since it seems like we do some sort of squat everyday now at the box. The WoD was slower than normal and sexy with 105 bag TGUs.

A side note is a week into the Clean living challenge at the gym my bottom left wisdom tooth has decided it wants to grow into my jaw and cause me some discomfort. I get it pulled out in 6 days and until then am not allowed to eat meat or anything that is remotely hard. I am going to attempt for the short term to go to protein shakes before I completely give up and eat pasta non stop for the next week and few days :(. The good news if i can keep up the liquid diet is that I will tone up some in the next few weeks.. ha!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Midstate CrossFit Conference Competition #2:

RX WOD 1: 8 minute AMRAP
5 Toes To Bar
7 Over the Box Jumps (24″ / 18″)
9 Jumping Goblet Squats (53# / 35#)

Rounds (Rx): 7 + 1 T2B

Felt great with this score since I had never kipped 5 T2B non stop and as perfect after I did in the first round of this WoD. I did feel like I left something in the tank because I set out from the start to pace myself and not burn out. First 4 rounds were a minute a piece and the last was in under a minute. I should have probably looked at the clock a little more to keep my pace where I wanted.

RX WOD 2: For Time Complete (12 minute cap)
30 Yard Sprint
5 KB Snatches each arm (53# / 35#)
120 Yard Weighted Carry (53# / 35#)
120 Yard Sprint
5 KB Snatches each arm (53# / 35#)
120 Yard Weighted Carry (53# / 35#)
120 Yard Sprint
5 KB Snatches each arm (53# / 35#)
120 Yard Weighted Carry (53# / 35#)
30 Yard Sprint

There will be three weighted carries that each athlete must complete (waiter’s / fireman’s / farmer’s).  The athlete can complete these three weighted carries in any order they want.

Time (Rx): 6:45

This was the workout I knew I could make up some serious ground in the standings. My overhead strength mixed with my ability to run with the kettlebells led to some great times on the carries. The only way I could have improved this workout was to rest less on the sprints but I still felt great about the strategy I approached this with.

WoD #1 Rank: 20th
WoD #2 Rank: 11th
Competition Rank: 18th of 37
Season Rank: 14th out of 49
Gym Season Rank: 1st of 8

Going to continue to bust it at the gym in hopes of keeping myself in the top 15 but since they drop your lowest two scores and I have two 20 something finishes in the first two events I have some improving to do. I love that our gym is participating in this because I drives me to improve myself that much more. We are also just killing it as a gym team because we all approach this with a similar “lets have fun but do work” approach. Next event is 6/19 so you have some time to recover from this long rant :)

Wednesday May 4, 2011 (Challenge End)

Recap: Challenge Start 2/1/2011

STRENGTH: 1 RM Clean (190lbs - + 25lb PR)

Thrusters (95/65)

WoD Time (Rx): 10:34

Challenge End: Today!

STRENGTH: 1 RM Clean (225lbs - + 35lb PR)

Thrusters (95/65)

WoD Time (Rx): 8:04 (2:30 improvement.. boom!)

It would appear that I murdered the last 3 months at the box. I am very happy in my progress on both of the items in our little gym performance challenge. This is only part of the story of my improvements. During this time I have also increased my Bench press by 15-20 lbs and shoulder press by 10-15lbs. I have also finally figured out double unders and continue to work on them. Probably one of the biggest reasons I am a CrossFit addict is because I am seeing constant gains at the gym. The next steps will be working the back squat to 400 and deadlift to 415.


Did my first CrossFit competition in a while over the last weekend and finished 10 of 24 teams in the Rx division. Highlight of the day was winning the 3 minute max ground to overhead workout with a total of 450lbs. Can’t say I am in near the motor shape for something like this but it was sure fun to compete again.

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Mobility and Recovery

WoD: 10-1 Reverse Ladder*
Deadlifts @ ~ 50% 1RM (185)
Clapping Push-Ups

*10 deads, 10 push-ups
9 deads, 9 push-ups
…1 dead, 1 push-up

Post-WoD: 3 x 10 Partner Weighted Sit-Ups (25/25/10)

Time (Rx): 8:20

I have been slacking pretty hard on my Tumblr this week so I figured it was time to spew out a lil WoD action. Felt great to ditch work and not deal with lazy people. I have also decided to improve my stress levels I am done with work for the week. More to come as the Interwebs will be my friend all weekend:)

A Baaaaddd still image from some video Elf took at Saturday. Me and Tiki rocking out a few in sync burpees (or how he calls it.. us playing the shark game in the pool.. bahaha!). After this he left me in my dust for a 6th place finish to my 10th.

Fight Gone Bad

Strength: Deadlift
3 x 3 (315)

Three rounds, 1 minute of work of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20" box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)

Reps (Rx): 281

Improved that FGB score by 17 reps since I was in Vegas all loaded up on gluten and booze :) … improvement by 60+ reps on my first attempt.

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

CrossFit Open WoD #1: 10 minute AMRAP 30 Double Unders 15 Snatches (75)

3 rounds + 13 snatches

WoD: 6 RFT 10 Wall Ball 5 Six Point Burpees

Time: 6:27

2 reps from the best I thought I could do today. I found some doubles and smoked the floor to overhead.. Ranked like 3500 or so but good times! Now to watch master Tiki on the ice.

Wednesday March 16, 2011

Deadlift 5×3 (80-85%, pull/drop) (315/315/275)

4 Hang Cleans (135/95)
10 V-Ups
10 RKC KB Swings (AHAP) (73)

Rx Time: 9:59

Tweaked my back during warm-ups today doing box jumps and honestly it kinda feels like a nerve is pinched. I still like an idiot tried to dead lift all out and then hit this WoD hard.. Pretty much feels like I need punched in the back really hard since all of the muscles running vertically with my spine are cramped to hell. But hey bought a new heating pad and some coconut ice cream on the way home.. that should take care of things right?

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

“Filthy Fifty”
For time:
50 Box jump (24/18)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (35/26)
50 Walking Lunge steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press (45/35)
50 Back extensions (45/35)
50 Wall ball shots (20/14)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Time (Rx): 34:36

Got a little crazy with it this morning at the gym. One of the fire breathers decided it was time for Filthy Fifty.. Glad I got after it today although I had to do the K2E dead hang because my shoulder started acting up so this slowed my time down. I also had zero legs left when it came time to do the double unders. I need to up my practice of those to post workout so I get use to this beat feeling I think. Now time to make some eats and relax.

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Strength: Wendler Back Squat Week 1
65% x 5 (@ 90% max = 285) (185)
75% x 5 (220)
85% x AMRAP (245) = 8

WoD: 150 Burpees for time

Time: 11:49

Wow is all that can be said about the fun I had today after staying up late last night. Learned that maybe next time I tell Tiki no.. well ya right.. I will never do that if it is good for me :) I recorded my squats but my iPhone camera lens is so scratched all you could see was blur and light from the window at the other end of the gym. I really need to get around to ordering my new one and a case so it doesn’t get scratched up. Either way body is in total shut down mode after the Super Bowl festivities, night!

2012 CrossFit Games Open: Workout #1

WoD: 7 Minutes of Burpees for time with a 6in jump

Reps: 91

This can be summed up with one word.. death… 2 days at the gym in 2 weeks mixed with zero Paleo until today makes me realize how important living clean really is. Good news is the wisdom teeth are behind me and now its time to get back to where i was.

Tuesday May 17, 2011

A.) Sumo Deadlift 8×2 (225/245/245/265/265/275/275/275)
B.) Hollow Rocks 2×20 (4 x 10)

WOD: 10 min AMRAP:
5 Push Jerks (135/95)
10 Pull-Ups
5 Bar Facing Burpees

Rounds (Rx+145lb Push Jerks): 5 + 2 Push Jerks

So I have been slackin some serious ass on tumblr posts… need to get better. So since the last time I posted I ran a local 4.37 mile race with 8:27 miles splits finishing 6th in my age group and 8th in the big boy class of people that weigh over 190+. I did learn one thing from this.. my pose running style breaks down and I destroy my feet! Needless to say I took 4 unexpected rest days following the run and was able to get back to things last Thursday.

Now for today… overall workout felt great.. glad I upped the weight in the WoD to 145 because I really need the practice of heavier Jerks for time. I was able to do all 5 sets unbroken and really was just slowed up by the pullups. Time to crash it hard..

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

In preparation for my double WoDs this Saturday I took it light at the gym. Did a 750m row in about 2:45 and worked with our 4pm class on the mobility portion. Also found out that our standards are much higher at the gym than the competition this weekend so i should be able to save some gas! Then again that means everyone will be able to.. lol. Still worried I might come in last :-... anyway back to relaxing and catching up on the interwebs… night kids!


My last set of back squat from today. (255 x 6)

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Strength: Box Squat

WoD:”Get Stouted” 10 min AMRAP:
15 Burpees
150m Sprint
Rest 30 sec

Rounds(Rx): 5 + 9 burpees

A little birthday WoD action today for one of the body weight studs at the gym. I think they should have made the workout heavy cleans and a run to make him work but he got his way instead :). Didn’t do too bad on this one after a weekend of some serious partying/WoD'n. Now to finish up my 4 days of sweet potatoes and meats.

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Strength: Bench Press 4x3 (205,225,245,260)

WoD: 4 Rounds
Sandbag Clean x 5 (70)
30 yard Sandbag Carry (70)
30 yard Prowler Push (+50lbs)
30 Situps
Rest remainder of 4 minutes

Finish with a 400m run

Good little Saturday workout today… Hadn’t had the prowlers out since Fall so it was good to push those around a little bit. Set a new 3 RM bench PR at 260… Getting closer and closer to that 300lb bench goal. Enjoy kids!

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Bench Press 4 x 3 (225,235,245,255x4)

WoD: 4 RFT
400m run
30 Hand Release Push-Ups
20 Ring Dips (Smallest Band)
10 Ground to Overhead (115)

Time: 30:23

Brutal end to the weekend here. After the past couple of days maybe it would have been smarter to rest the beach muscles today. Still was happy I could put mind above tiredness and push to the end.