shadowknight1224  asked:

Yo, if you need a week or two to catch up on CFAC, feel free to take one, I don't think anybody's going to mind!

Thanks for the kind words! I’ve actually been thinking about this for awhile now. CFAC is a bit demanding and especially the last few weeks of season 2 have been tough to keep up with. Life’s just busy. I am going to take a week to get back on track with the last two week’s entries.

After that I’ll be back to do week 10. And after that I’m going to take a break from doing CFAC. It’s been nearly half a year now, which is kind of hard to believe. Not a bad run and it’s been a fun experience. But I’ve got lots of other custom Magic stuff that has sat by the wayside as a result. It’s been a great time but it’s also time for me to move on to something else.

CFAC Leaderboard

This leaderboard currently covers points from CFAC 41 up to CFAC 50.

  1. linvala-the-memer - 28 (+1)
  2. amtgplayer - 28 (-1)
  3. outerspace-messiah - 27 (+1)
  4. voicesofchaos - 25 (-1) 
  5. thekillershrub - 25 (0) 
  6. palaguin - 24 (0)
  7. acting4life97 - 23 (+6) 
  8. thricexandvii - 23 (+1)
  9. noyan-dar - 23 (+1)
  10. nine-effing-hells - 23 (-3)
  11. magicarasa - 23 (-3)
  12. dimestoretajic - 22 (0) 
  13. talldrinkofsexiness - 20 (+1) 
  14. thanatyr - 20 (-3) 
  15. mtg-philocalist - 19 (+2) 
  16. commandtower-solring-go - 18 (-1)
  17. ubervores - 14 (+4) 
  18. ozthearistocrat - 14 (+1)
  19. custommagiccardswithnonmagiclore - 13 (+3)
  20. sofacoin - 13 (-4)
  21. thetasteoffire - 13 (-1) 
  22. tarniyo - 11 (-4)
  23. retroactivelyours - 10 (+2)
  24. the-color-blue-izzet - 8 (+6) 
  25. chaotdesigns - 8 (-2)
  26. awildloganappeared - 8 (-2)
  27. zelosmilder - 6 (+9)
  28. t-a-c - 6 (-2)
  29. narset-translucent - 6 (0-1 
  30. keyla-lovely - 4 (-3) 
  31. popcornguy13 / thereliquarytower - 4 (-2) 
  32. kix–izzet-wierder - 3 (0)
  33. nyx-fleece-bamf - 2 (-2) 
  34. tealovingperson - 2 (-1)
  35. origins15 - 2 (-1)
  36. dragonswithgoggles - 2 (-1)
  37. tibaltthefriendblooded - 2 (0)
  38. runeofecstasy - 2 (0)
  39. randomita - 2 (0)
  40. ecurps - 2 (0) 
  41. the-burnished-hart - 2 (0)
  42. curiooftheheart - 2 (0)
  43. toppart - 2 (0)
  44. 108echoes - 2 (0)
  45. luckylooter - 2 (0)

Dropped (Haven’t participated in the last 10 weeks)

Numbers in parentheses indicate an increase/decrease in position from last week.

Cure For A Cold → Harry and Louis

After a long night of feeling so bad as well as throughout the day today, Harry was finally starting to feel better. The only downside of it all, was now Louis wasn’t feeling too great. Knowing the kind of boyfriend he had to be, he needed to make sure he got all in the world that would make the older boy feel better. As sucky as it was to not be in the house, nor’ the tour bus; Haz had to resort to requesting people to make tea and he knew exactly how Louis was with them making his tea. After a bit of talking on the phone and specifically requesting in full detail how the older liked his tea, Harry made sure to get just about anything else he needed before going to the one particular room just he and Louis stayed in. The boys usually tended to room together, but with the two just becoming a couple, Haz felt it necessary to be alone. 

Grabbing onto the blanket Louis happened to have an exact match of but in another color, Harry smiled then went to the bathroom to grab some cold medicine. Shoving it into his bag, he looked around the room and then shrugged. Once stepping out of his room, he noticed someone with the tea he requested. “Thank you..” He said to the other, making sure to grasp the tea firmly then rush off to the room. Glancing around momentarily for the management, he rolled his eyes before just walking in then shutting the door afterwards. Looking to Louis who happened to just be laying there, wrapped tightly in a blanket, Harry walked right over and set the drink down as well as the medicine before unfolding his blanket and wrapping it right around the other. “I brought medicine and tea for you too for whenever you want it..” He said softly, leaning down and gently kissing the others temple. 

Chick Flicks and Chocolate || Sugcedes Para

Sugar gathered up the things that she needed to bring along to Mercedes’ place and picked up the Drew Barrymore movie.  She shook her head and put it away.  It wasn’t her thing.  She never really understood the movies about the nerdy girl who learned to love herself or the loser who somehow miraculously became a winner.  Those movies were so… not believable, to her.  BUT - they didn’t have to be.  they were movies and she was going to go watch them with one of her favorite people.  She jumped in the car and sped, carelessly to her destination and rang the doorbell, dancing around excitedly.  Nail polish!  And chocolate!  "Lovecheeks!  Open up!  I come bearing chocolate and stuff!“


So. This is my first submission to someone else’s tumblr.

I’m not too sure if I’m doing anything right. If something’s wrong, please let me know. ; v ;

So, uh, yeah. Enjoy my Yveltal fanart. Even though if it’s sucky.

Done in ShiPainter Pro


Nope, you did just fine! And it looks really awesome, I love it! I think Yveltal is one of my favorite new Pokémon from gen 6. Thank you for the submission!

Vernon God Little

What a fanfuckingtastic, brilliant show. Wow. Phenomenal! If anyone on my dash has seen it before, they’ll know why I loved it so much. Once again I’m stunned at the talent and skill of my second-year peers, they’re just so amazing! The set looked wonderful, the costumes were believable, everything was so good! If anyone is in the Edmonton area and likes good theatre, come see Vernon God Little at Grant MacEwan’s CFAC before it sells out! Highly enjoyable!


Spotted CFAC at the Spotted Pig in NYC. This restaurant takes the cake for my Sunday Brunch in the city. The picture shown of this bite sized full of flavor deviled egg has surpassed what I used to have a favorite with my mother and her mother. (my mouth is watering as am I posting this) All of my new food experiences are making the family generations just right out, what were they thinking? Salt and pepper ain’t cutting it anymore….This one—It had a vinegar taste to it, unlike any deviled egg I have ever consumed. I’m from the south and let’s just say it’s more than I can count on my fingers and toes. Spotted Pig tops my deviled egg experience. I heart NYC.