Imagine your otp

Person A and Person B both work in crime fighting and meeting at a crime scene. Person A being all mean puppy and telling Person B it’s their crime scene. Then they get closer as friends and Person A accidentally asks Person B on a date, and Person B is all ‘I didn’t know you were into girls’ and Person A is like 'I’m not.’ But then Person A realised she does actually like girls and comes out to Person B. Then Person A comes out to her sister and in her delight goes to Person B and with newfound confidence kiss her. Then Person B rejects her, too afraid to get her heart broken by Person A when the newness of being gay wears off. So Person A is all sad and pissed off and humiliated and doesn’t talk to Person B. But Person B comes begging to Person A about not wanting to live without them in their life and they start being tentative friends again. Then Person A comes out to her mother and it’s beautiful. Imagine Person B gets shot on the job and Person A patches up her wound and they talk and Person B watches Person A and wonders… Then Person B shows up at Person A’s place with pizza and beer and near-death realisations and regrets and kisses Person A, and Person A kisses her back and it’s just so perfect.

Imagine Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

Your otp is Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer #sanvers