I can’t believe the reread is over this week! Between that and watching Mockingjay for stills, my heart is full of feels. So, let’s do this!

ReTHG Chapters 25, 26 &27 Prompts:

  • Prim: A pivotal character. We experience a lot of who Katniss is through her relationship with Prim. Why do you think she is or is not an important character in the series.
  • Transformation: Every person is changed. The world is changed. Note one of the transformations that stand out to you and why.
  • Favorites: Reblog your favorite personal posts from ReTHG (or reblog them all!) Queue your blog, people! Fill it with ReTHG goodness.
  • Real: It’s real. It’s finally real. Talk about the significance of that one word in the realm of Everlark.
  • Visual Real: Write, draw, create the word “Real.” Take a pic or screenshot and post it on your blog.
  • The last thought: Write about the trilogy’s importance. It can be a meta post or a personal post. 

As always, tag your posts with #rethg. We will queue it to post sometime in the week. 


Thinking of shifting the times for the Rewatch starting on Sunday:


a) 7P/9C/10E 
b) 7:30P/9:30C/10:30E
c) 5P/7C/8E

I know that shifts it for the Easteners, but we had it super early for the Westside last time. So, we’ll do it democratically. If you are earnestly wanting to be a part of the rewatch, please leave a time preference. VOTE!

It starts Sunday, October 2 and continues each subsequent Sunday until we get through all the movies! It’s so fun! Schedule it into your month! There will be an official post when we lock down the time.

Thank you to everyone for being amazing. Again, we couldn’t have done this without you. 

From us, your truly everlarked mods,


푸마] 네가 빛나는 순간  BOG SOCKㅤ X BTS: ISSUE 6. 정국

[PUMA] Your Shining Moment BOG SOCK X BTS: ISSUE 6. Jungkook
[Video] (LYRICS FROM 알아요 [I Know]) JK: Sing for you, say I love you. Tell you, that I love you too. I’ll sing with all my heart, if you say you can hear my voice. NJ: Know you love me girl, so that I love you. JK: Know you love me boy, so that I love you. JK: Thank you so much for being at my side for these three years. NJ/JK: Know you love me girl, so that I love you. Know you love me boy, so that I love you. I’ll be by your side always don’t worry ’bout a thing, my love. NJ: I’m quite fortunate to be by your side.
[Writing] Your Shining Moment. BOG SOCK.

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
© Please credit when taking out.