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It's so cool of you to let others use your character and I don't want that to change because I like writing about them, but aren't you afraid someone might take advantage of your kindness?

Oh you see, it always kind of sucks to see people taking Core and completely mischaracterizing and/or misgendering them. It also kind of feels sucky when people make up their own Cores which look identical to mine and don’t even bother to design them in their own way? But I also strongly believe in that CORE!Frisk themself is not very close to original Undertale Frisk in many things, and I’m not particularly bothered most of the time. And how should I explain… since I made up that one “almost everything is plausible in all timelines” theory it’d be hypocritical to say there’s only one Core Frisk, since there must be many ocassions where a Frisk fell into the Core and yadada, you know?

But as long as people like and have fun with my Core, I feel happy! I’ve actually never seen much fanfiction with them which makes me a little sad, but I can easily understand that CORE!Frisk might be a difficult character to grasp. They’re supposed to be difficult to grasp and it’s okay if some people don’t like them for being “too complicated” or “too op” or something, because that’s the whole point. And so while I’d be happy if there wasn’t as much of OOC Core, I will not limit people from using them. I can easily understand what the creators feel when then see their beloved baby so mischaracterized by the fandom, but I don’t feel a need to put up trademarks for something that’s technically just a recolored version of an already existing game character.


Male Characters ⇢ Peeta Mellark [2/∞]

↳ ”I keep wishing I could think of a way to show the Capitol they don’t own me. That I’m more than just a piece in their Games.”

On Tjugondag jul [the 13th Day of Yule], there has been a tradition a bit analogous to modern Santa Claus, where men dressed as a goat (Finnish: Nuuttipukki) would visit houses. Unlike Santa Claus, Nuuttipukki was a scary character (cf. Krampus). The men dressed as Nuuttipukki wandered from house to house, came in, and typically demanded household residents for food and especially alcoholic beverages. (wikipedia)