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“Gluttony should be destroyed by self-control; unchastity by desire for God and longing for the blessings held in store; avarice by compassion for the poor; anger by goodwill and love for all men; worldly dejection by spiritual joy; listlessness by patience, perseverance and offering thanks to God; self-esteem by doing good in secret and by praying constantly with a contrite heart; and pride by not judging or despising anyone in the manner of the boastful Pharisee (cf. Lk. 18:11-12), and by considering oneself the least of all men.”

From St. John of Damaskos (The Philokalia Vol. 2; Faber and Faber pg. 338):

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Headlights Fading [Tumblr | FF]

When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all. (Complete)

Fire on the Ice [Tumblr | FF]

Promising young goalie Emma Swan was kicked out of her league for getting caught in conjunction with a crime she didn’t commit, and the game she loved became part of her past. 10 years later it finds her again in the form of NHL forward Killian Jones who reminds her of the things she thought she could never have - both in hockey and in life. (In progress)

Wingman [Tumblr | FF]

For as long as it’s mattered Emma’s dreams have always been in the sky, but the high-stakes world of the CF-18 fighter program - and one of the candidates in it alongside her - prove that dreams aren’t always easy to come by. (In progress)

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