idk if you guys realize this but theres a 99% chance that Tronnor is LITERALLY CANON. They’ve spent almost every day together for the last few weeks, they share clothes, they see movies together, and when Troye performed live last night there were only 10 people there AND CONNOR WAS ONE OF THEM. 



I found my damper sweet spot! At 9. NINE. Not my fave, but consistently hit 10cal the fastest there. Thinking about redoing 15.5 with it set at 8 because I know my pull’s going to burn out after 27 there. But I’m happy now that I can actually get one calorie per stroke…

Don’t know that I’ve ever gotten 6x6x130 for FSQ so I am not completely losing progress. ^_^

Here is a picture of lifting baby and a screenshot of regionals discussion now that HQ has subtly announced it (‘men, women, and teens will go head to head’…hm, I think we’re going to Dallas, are we not?!).


Honestly, we should just move in.  But we’re just gonna have to bereeeeeal discreet about it.  We’ll start by making short trips from my suite, bringing a few things over at a time.  

She won’t notice.  She’s from New York City.

In the meantime, your lap looks inviting, and I’m totally commandeering it.

Real discreet. Sounds just like you and me, Miss Carter. Real small and quiet. 

You’re really gonna sit right on my lap after I got about a dozen muffins shoved in my stomach? What’re you plannin’ to do there?