cezare me


IMG_1008 by Niko Cezar


i was thinking about how it’s my life by cezar is the greatest song of all time and found this video which features the absolute worst camera work i have ever seen


YOU’RE DYING !? Fear not! Help is coming !!

Rome is sending their bravest soldiers

Greece supplies the beverage

I know you all love cheesecake, and so does Belarus!

Finland’s gonna show you love

Ukraine will make you fabulous ~

Feeling bad ?  Here ! Have a Romanian dub-step vampire opera!

If these guys came back from the death, so can you !

If you’re in need of a cuddly toy, Ireland will gladly borrow you Dustin!

and all that combined with Graham Norton’s extraordinary commentary 

and if really ANYHTING fails, we die and burn to ashes, don’t worry,because will rise like a Phoenix