ceyx and halcyone


Greek Mythology A-Z : Alcyone

Daughter of Aeolus; princess of the winds. She married Ceyx, son of the Morning Star. They were so happy they aroused the envy of the unhappily wed Hera, who sent a storm to wreck the ship on which Ceyx was voyaging. His ghost appeared to Alcyone, and she drowned herself to keep him company. Zeus pitied them and turned them into a pair of kingfishers. Each winter thereafter Aeolus forbade his winds to blow for a space of seven days so that his daughter could lay her eggs in a nest which floated on the sea. It is from this that we derive the word “halcyon,” meaning a period of calm and golden days.

Iris as possible co-ruler for Libra

Iris Minor planet number 7 (already some synchronicities) is named after Iris, the messenger goddess of the rainbow, utilized by the gods for her natural ease in traversing through both air and water.

While many are comfortable leaving Libra with Venus, which I acknowledge and accept. I believe every sign deserves it’s own unique ruler, because the energies are all unique and independent, and while Venus may co-rule, there is definitely a different energy at work if you observe. Similarly to Scorpio, whose nature isn’t purely Mars, or Aquarius who’s not just Saturnian.

Iris is a Hellenic and Roman Messenger deity, and a personal handmaiden to the Queen of Heaven. Iris has dominion over the sphere of balance, unity, harmony, and justice. She was birthed from Thaumus a deity of the wonders of the sea, and Electra the cloud nymph. She was born of both sea and sky similarly to the birth of both Aphrodite and Venus.  How Iris differs in her function from Hermes or Mercury is the absence of a trickster element, and her intimate connection to the court of Olympus, while Hermes/Mercury is a little detached, her dealings are a little more personal and one on one. For instance, she is one of the only deities who can go to the underworld, as one of her functions, she carries a jug, and fills it up with the water from the river styx, the water is used in oaths in Olympian court, and those who break their oaths, or lie, are stricken speechless for many years, and ambrosia is withheld, this only happens when there is discord in Olympus. She being the rainbow, is a link between mortals and divinity, and thus the lower and higher self, and connection in general. With this also comes the ability to shapeshift in order to properly relay messages, she becomes something that is pleasing and comforting to the mortals she has to speak with. Other than her role as a messenger deity, she is the handmaiden of Juno or Hera, queen goddesses deeply associated with matrimony. In mythology Iris is seen as the consort of Zephyrus of the eastern wind, and in many instances also married to Morpheus god of Dreams. With Zephyrus she even bore a winged god of desire, and longing, Pothos. In one myth Iris visits the cave of sleep and dreams where all the deities of rest lie, her radiance and her like light the dawn, and her robe iridescent like the rainbow, she then requested Morpheus send a message to Ceyx wife for Halcyone who perished, and Morpheus took on the form of Halycone and told Ceyx he had passed.I think Iris, her adaptability, creativity and nature deeply connects to the core values of Libra more so than any other celestial body I have studied.

Many Libras are in politics, and they appeal to the masses through Ethos and Logos, communicating with water and air, very similarly to Libra. Iris is the connection from hi and low, and you find Libras in ambassador positions, linking together hi and low, and striking a balance like a rainbow after the storm. Colorful, thoughts, and dreamy romantic surrealism, realized with the connection to morpheus, as Libra can be more in the clouds than pisces, and rightly so, her mother was a cloud nymph. The connection to law, and order, and justice through the waters of the river, also combining, rationality, and the human need to see action when there is injustice. One of the symbols of Iris, similarly to Hermes is the Caduceus, the snakes entwined on a staff, a symbol of healing, healing of the mind when connected with air and water, many Libras are considered counselors in many circles and rightly have a connection to the symbol.

Discovered on august 13th 1847,The discovery chart for Iris holds many fruits of truth in regards to Libra. Since you needed night time to properly see the stars during the 1800s, I will be using the time 1:00 am. This puts the Ascendant in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter. This creates a deep philosophical nature, that is also nurturing and accepting of people regardless of their walks of life. Iris presents herself in a way that is loving, and big hearted, though she is still connected to her roots. The moon, the ruler of the first house is in the fourth in Virgo, this brings the need to help and the intellectualized practical side of Libra front and center, as well as the need for order, balance and the status quo. Hard opposite the Ascendant is Juno, the marriage asteroid and Queen of Iris, reflecting the need for partnership and connection.The second house is also housing cancer the crab, Libra energy and their values are dramatically affected by their upbringing, and not to forget the curious sentimentality they can display in regards to taste and aesthetics of a halcyon age. In the third house in Leo we have the sun, and Mercury retrograde conjunct, with this the communications are exaggerated and lively, eager and bright. Very similarly to the warmth libra communicates with, the ego is about communication, knowledge and rationality, though it is tempered by the tempered creative waves of Leo and it’s creativity. Mercury is also sextile Venus, this creates the harmonious, and peaceful communications we often see with Libra as well as the mind being enamored with things that can be considered beautiful. Uranus is trine Sun, thus this creates an ego that revolves around community, and human interaction and humanitarian endeavors. It is also trine pluto, bringing in a commitment, and emotional depth (an sexual side) that Libra can display. The fourth house, is housing Virgo. In the fourth we have the moon, and Venus. This shows that the core inner world, and home of this energy is nurturing and peace loving in it’s nature, but it is not illogical. It is simultaneously practical and emotional, though can be extremely wild and disarrayed if thrown out of whack. Moon is sextile Jupiter showing the brightness, and need for happy emotions, and ability to obtain them. While also being hard opposite Saturn, showing that emotional satisfaction needs to be worked for in the end. We also have Venus in this house, in its second dignity of Libra. Venus is hard trine Iris thus making a connection between the two energies, as they are similarly expressed. The home is beautiful, and material items are enjoyed. Venus is conjunct the NN in the fifth, showing Irises need to create, create, date, have fun and enjoy herself, it’s hard for her considering her SN is in the eleventh, and taking care of others is instinctual, she needs to learn who she is, and self actualize. We see that Libra is in the fifth, with the NN. Which fits nicely seeing as how she wed an sky deity. Fifth house things need to be developed in Iris, and she needs to practice the expression of the ego in fun, healthy ways, the sun(ego) falls in libra and i think this parallels beautifully. The sixth house, in scorpio, and the ruler of the sixth is in the eleventh. Iris works for the community, and for the connections that humans make for a better future. She does this in a quiet way, and a alchemical way down to the small bits. The seventh house, Libras house has capricorn in it, and this shines a light down on Libras constant struggle of always feeling like they can never find the right partner or that love is restricted from them at times, as it is, it must be cultivated and harvested, tested and analyzed in order to get the ok. Saturn, the ruler, is in the tenth in pisces, showing the minor planets ability to attract emotional but seemingly stoic people there way, leaders, and go getters are in their seventh, but with a spiritual emotional twist, similarly, she is the consort to a sleep deity. She has her eighth also in capricorn, and she allows herself to face her fears in a career like, or public setting, her changes are broadcasted, and may be aided by people in charge, a common archetype grafted upon capricorn, is in fact Juno and Hera. In her ninth we have Aquarius, showing her open philosophy and her travels taking her to the strangest places. In the tenth we have pisces, the MC is conjunct Neptune and Saturn showing she is emotional and professionally adept, she is sought for her wisdom, and her creativity. The eleventh is loaded, the community is filled with different characters, who force iris to change, just like how Libras connection to the seventh forces them to learn about differences and others. Uranus pluto and Mars are in the eleventh in Aries. And lastly, taurus is in the twelfth where she tries to hide the love of luxury, and she may not know her own values.

In astrology, Iris is associated with right brain communication and creativity as well as connection and truth amongst man.

Please feel free to share your opinion, and try it out in your own charts!! I feel very confident about this one :) thank you for your time, have a wonderful day/night.