Savage’s Birdsnouted Whalefish (Rhamphocetichthys savagei)

…a species of flabby whalefish (Cetomimidae) that is occurs in the the depths of Pacific ocean, chiefly in the Coral Sea and the Gulf of California. However, it is also known from the Eastern Central Atlantic. Like other flabby whalefish R. savagei’s eyes are vestigial and instead of sight R. savagei uses its lateral line to sense changes in its surroundings.


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Cetomimiformes-Cetomimidae-Rhamphocetichthys-R. savagei

Image: Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard


Velvet Whalefish (Barbourisia rufa)

…a species of deep-sea whalefish and the only member of its family, the velvet whalefish is native to the waters of the Pacific near Japan and New Zealand. As its name suggests the velvet whalefish has a whale-shaped body and is completely red, this red coloration makes it functionally invisible in the deep sea. Little is known of their habits but it is believed they feed mostly on crustaceans. Immature whalefish journey to the lower mesopelagic zone at night to feed on copepods. When male velvet whalefish transition to adults they will develop a large liver and their jaws fuse shut. They can no longer eat but survive off of the energy stored in their liver.



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