A group of Ćetniks, or Serbian Nationalists. Established in 1904 as a resistance against the Ottoman Empire, the group targeted Croats, Muslims, and Partisans. They believed in a Serbia free of non-Serbs. Not the nicest folks.

And peoples ignorance still goes on. I hope everyone realizes that a "Chetnik" & a Serb are two completely different things...

When someone mixed with Serbian and Bosnian say they hate “chetniks” , they arent talking about Serbians. How could they? Wouldnt that be just disrespecting half of what they are?

Chetniks are a part of a Serbian military organization, like an army basically.I dont hate serbs. I hate chetniks. Chetniks are serbs, but the radical ones who are all about nationalism. Its just a name for their army. When someone says they hate serbs, they hate all serbs. My family, including myself hate chetniks because of what they did. They made Serbs look like the worst people ever. I know serbs that are truly sorry for what happened. Ive had them apologize to me face to face when they had nothing to do with it.

This just bothers me. Theres a difference guys. Know the difference. Maybe it could cause less drama? Just watch what you say..


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