Many Black People think that we are so far removed from being great royalty and actually fighting for your people, but in all actuality it its is not that long ago. Cetewayo KaMpande was the Great African King of the Zulu’s from 1872 to 1879 In Zululand which is now modern day South Africa. He is Legendary for being a Hero to the African People and as King he lead his people in the Anglo-Zulu War to fight against colonization and slavery by the British and French.

The British sent Christian missionaries to speak to Cetewayo about “Hell Fire” in an attempt to scare him with religion, Ceteweyo said “Hell Fire?” and then laughed. “Do you think I’m afraid of hell fire? My soldiers would put it out.” He then commanded his officers to have his warriors eat grass that was on fire burning on a nearby hillside. His men immediately began to eat up the fire, not regarding their personal injuries. Cetewayo then said “I Eat Hell Fire!!!” and banished them from Zululand to send his message.

Catewayo went on to defend against invasion and deliver what is known as the greatest defeat in Colonial British History with His victory at Isandlhwana, it was one of the most terrifying slaughters in history and he also Killed the heir to the French throne Prince Napoleon. As the British Power grew and they conquered surrounding areas he eventually was captured and imprisoned for 3 years. After he was free he returned to his Land. Cetewayo died in his mid-50’s in February of 1884, Never having surrendered his principles for freedom for his people, the Zulu’s. SanCopha!

Written By: @Champion_Us