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veronicajames  asked:

Kat, you're clearly a big Ventress fan. Are there any good EU books that provide any backstory at all for her?

Keheh. Extremely guilty. 

Ok. So. Ventress in the EU is pretty different from Clone Wars cartoon Ventress. I adore both versions, but acknowledge the cartoon is the best version of her running. 

There isn’t a lot out there aside from the cartoon with cartoon!Ventress to date. But there’s good news on that front! Not only has Filoni hinted that it’d be neat to see Ventress and Ahsoka team up again, but this book is coming out in July:

Yeah. If you’re into Asajj and also into Quinlan Voss (duh you are) this is not a bad time to be alive. The same can be said of being a Star Wars fan in general. This year’s a good year. 

But in terms of EU stuff.

She’s in a book where she fights Kenobi and Kit Fisto. That’s called The Cestus Deception. I haven’t read this one, so I dunno. Dooku’s cool, I guess? Kit Fisto is definitely really cool. Maybe it’s not terrible.

COMICS on the other hand, I can talk about. She’s an absolute delight in them, and is drawn stupid young and hot for no good reason. Check out Castle Ventress on Wookieepedia to get an idea of how zany Star Wars comics can get.

The ones I can recommend without looking up names are:

1. Republic: Hate and Fear Here you’ll get her backstory. I think they did a pretty good job of showing it in the cartoon, but I read it here first and was flipping out about the clear parallels this draws between her and another character I like ⊙︿⊙. I’d say more, but 1. spoilers. 2. you don’t want to hear me go on a shipping rant. 

 2. The Battle of Jabiim stuff. I’m pretty sure her lightsaber is stolen here. This is a really big deal for her. Uhh. The person who takes it and she should kiss is cool. He’s fine. It’s whatever.

3. Star Wars: Obsession *holds head in hands for a solid 3 minutes* ok. You should read the others two things first. But then read this. This is what it’s about. READ THIS. READ THIS.

She’s in a bunch more comics. I found this list for you.

After that, or before that, or in parallel, I’d be sure to check out THE COURTSHIP OF PRINCESS LEIA. It’s a book. The first Star Wars book I ever read. It’s the Dathomir book. If you don’t love Dathomir, then I don’t know what even to do with you. Ventress wasn’t always Dathomiran in canon. I, and lots of peeps, figured she was Rattataki. You can imagine my sheer joy upon finding out my favorite character was from my favorite place in all of Star Wars. Pretty sure I screamed. 

Err… That’s what I’ve got for a primer on perfect baby angel Asajj Ventress. Did you know she’s voiced by Catwoman’s voice actor from Batman: Brave and the Bold? She is. You should also watch all the Catwoman eps of BATB. And then all the Aquaman eps. And then watch the rest of it. 

Then Duris squeezed his arm. “Master Jedi! I had no idea that you were a courtier as well as warrior and diplomat. You dance superbly.”
Obi-Wan chuckled to himself. For centuries, dance had been used at the Jedi Temple to facilitate rhythm and and timing. On any world of the galaxy, when one found males or dominant females dancing, it was often a warrior in disguise. Obi-Wan knew the movements of a dozen fierce and beautiful traditions. 
[ . . . ]
He remembered his childhood in the Temple. Master Yoda had devised so many ingenious ways to teach vital lessons. He remembered watching the great Jedi perform complex dance steps, admonishing his astonished young students to become “complete” movement artists.
“A warrior who cannot dance? Clumsy in both war and peace he is!

Star Wars: The Cestus Deception

So apparently every Jedi is AMAZING dancer.