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Tagged by: @deliciawd, hey- thank you~!

Name: Zac

Nicknames: *secret lol*

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius ~

Height: 5′5′’

Sexual Orientation: Gay as water is wet

Nationality: Sadly, American

Favorite Fruit: Pear + Fuji Apple

Favorite Season: Winter going into Spring, is that called Early Spring?

Favorite Book: Oh wow, where do I start…. The Song of Achilles ofc, Foxhole Court books… Captive Prince… Mortal Instruments… and many others wow

Favorite Scent: Jake … mm the smell after the rain,  petrichor

Favorite Color: Green/Blues, like pale soft-shades, nothing harsh

Favorite Animal: The Grey Wolf, they’re just so fluffy and CUTE

Cat or Dog Person: ….both? Both. My dog is a cat, so both (I’m not joking btw)

Favorite Fictional Character: Ah… Kuramochi Youichi ~! (+Sawamura Eijun +Bakugou Katsuki)

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1..

Dream Trip: Japan, France, Antarctica

Blog Created: …uh….8…years ago?

Number of Followers: More than I deserve tbh, how tf do you people stand me

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I was tagged by @fangirl05956 , thanks Sam 😉

Gender: girl / female (she/her)

Star Sign: ok the ☀️sign is Aquarius & my 🌙 sign is Pisces

Height: 4’ 10.5-11"

Sexual Orientation: lesbian (even tho I always say gay lmao)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin w Gryffindor tendencies

Favourite Colour: depends on the day/my mood

Favourite Animal: um how tf do I pick jus one?? ok well I like snakes and cats and frogs, and birds, and dinosaurs & cuttlefish are cool and sharks… but especially lizards, I love them too.

Average hours of sleep: depends, but usually @ least 6.5-7 on weekdays, and weekends depend on how busy I am

Cat or Dog person: def a cat person. Dogs are cute tho!

Favourite Fictional Characters: so many, but so little time lmao! Ok so rn All of the power rangers from the new movie, just all of them, um josie&thepussycats, Veronica lodge, Reggie mantle, & clumsy yet lovable asshole Archie Andrews , his sweetie pie father Fred, (Riverdale & Archie comics) , speed racer & trixie (speed racer lol), hubie & marina (pebble and the penguin, one of my All Time fave movies), dr. Ellie arroway (contact, the movie & book), and um spink&forcible from coraline! (If y'all can understand what I wrote good job bc that wasn’t even a run on sentence lol)

Number of blankets I sleep with: the sheet blanket and rn I have a “ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE” blanket on top ;)

Favourite singer/band: bruh literally too damn many but I can say I always can jam to CAKE (kinda like classic rock??? Really good), Beyoncé (esp. from her b'day album 🙏), Hayley Kiyoko (savior of my gay ass) and The Cheetah Girls (I’ve always loved them)

Dream Trip: just everywhere, maybe the center of the earth, where there’s a possible ocean, or maybe one of the thousands of exoplanets that are being discovered (yeah I’m takin astronomy)

Dream Job: the real dream is to not need to work @ all and I would just learn lots of science and then just travel and explore the earth and it’s environments and other cultures, but realistically I need to do labor to earn money and pay for my existence So I’d say I’d like to be a singing scientist, but also sing abt space, maybe educate young kids,,, so like bill nye meets schoolhouse rock meets Alan grant from Jurassic park meets quantum physics or some shit idk… I’d also be down to work for NASA.

ok so if y'all wanted to know some shit abt me, here it is!!! If you can understand it, god bless honestly. This was really fun tho, and I like to think abt this kind of stuff! I’m kinda hyper verbal (I almost Never Shut Up), and I write like I talk so that’s why I can be incoherent sometimes. Irl, I’m either hyper verbal or like silent. It’s strange. Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed, & I usually don’t do these tag things, so I’m jus gonna say if you wanna do it, do it!