cesei lannister

Every morning, when I wake, I remember that Ned is gone. I have no skill with swords, but that does not mean that I do not dream of riding to King’s Landing and wrapping my hands around Cersei Lannister’s white throat and squeezing until her face turns black.

George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Catelyn Stark

Last nights dream like WTF

So basically I had a dream last night and WTF It was a game of thrones Related one, A group of people on a Fucking bus Journey to Blackpool..
But the whole Lot of GOT cast in costume as their character’s where on the bus too and I chose FOR some reason to sit next to Cersei lannister .. and she was actually quite nice we had a Good conversation about Back Ache!!

Seriously. But the thing is I couldn’t see JON or any of the Stark’s or Targaryen’s on the bus that part was a blur, But we where on the back of this bus and Cersei was complaining about how the seats made her back ache, And Jaime was moaning about the leg room!