cescs fabregas


After the whistle ~ winning the league edition: David and Diego drag Antonio Conte out of his press conference to celebrate (look at JT’s face). Cesc and Pedro singing, Diego’s unique style of celebration to say the least, Azpi and Billy. The N’golo song, and our fantastic captains. Cannot wait for the celebrations with the trophy. 

Your Premier League champions 2016-2017: Chelsea Football Club. 


Didier Drogba, the gift that keeps on giving!

When Cesc was a kid his parents divorced and he was a having a very difficult time. Tito was his coach and he knew cesc’s idol was guardiola, barca’s number four, so he talked to pep and asked him to sign a jersey for cesc and talk to him. Pep wrote “for barca’s future number 4” on the jersey and according to cesc that was the most special moment of his childhood. Everyone talks about how nice pep was and how thoughtful that was but the real hero, the one who was always in the back, silent, doing his job, with his arms crossed and the half smile was tito. That’s how I wanna remeber him, the shy guy who sat on the bench and was always looking out for others. He will always be there, sitting on the left with his arms crossed looking out for our team. He is eternal.