Rollins wins the U.S. Title tonight on RAW

Summerslam 2015

Rollins vs Cena vs Rusev vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

1st fall for the U.S. Title

2nd fall for the WWE Championship

Okay let’s get something straight. Cena being US champion was probably the best thing that has ever happened within the past few years. He’s made that title mean something and has had 5 star matches with that title. With that being said, why the fuck aren’t we getting a match for just the US title? Why are they inserting Cena into the main title scene? Having a match for US title would have been fucking great. It could have been Cesaro, Owens, or anyone else. Summerslam is usually the ppv where Cena loses. That would have been the perfect ppv to give someone else that title and continue this great run with it. I just feel like wwe dropped the ball on this one..