Got to season 2 in my Borgias rewatch (Hollow Crown dl is painfully slow, so I probably won’t get around to watching it tonight). The more often I watch that scene in which Micheletto breaks up the fight between Cesare and Juan (in the pilot), the better it gets. Just the way Micheletto touches Cesare, there’s such incredible familiarity and intimacy between them. He’s rough when he pulls him aside at first, but then when he holds him back, he’s almost gentle. Not to mention that he just touches him without permission (usually Cesare is the one to touch Micheletto. all. the. time).  Hgnh and then he just goes and manhandles him and drags him off and the thing is that Cesare lets him. Cesare goes along with all of it. He doesn’t object, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t even shrug off Micheletto’s touch. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

/fangirling. Seriously, these two are perfect.

Let’s also appreciate the fact that this is the episode in which Micheletto chills on the walls of a well, drowns the altar boy after splashing water at him all playfully, then chills out a bit more, says “go with God” to the passing nun (who ignores that ginger weirdo) and hops up like a happy dog when Cesare comes out of the building.


So, I was listening to this song (Master & Servant by Depeche Mode) and suddenly my Cesare/Micheletto feels hit me so hard I ALMOST CRIED

please tell me I am not the only one

Cesare x Lucrezia and Cesare x Micheletto

I can’t help but ship Cesare with Lucrezia but then I am also intrigued by the idea of Cesare and Micheletto. 

I know some people are little uncomfortable by the whole borgiacest concept but when it’s got Holliday Grainger and Francois in it then it kind of makes it really, really, difficult not to ship them together. 

For me, anyway. 

Holliday and Francois have such a lovely chemistry on screen and when I watch them together, I like them even more. I can only think of one other couple  who are like that which shows how rare they are. 

(The other is Richard x Anne but that’s another story!)

When you’re watching two people who practically radiates chemistry and adoration, then it’s VERY hard not to notice it. 

As for Micheletto and Cesare, am I the only one who really thinks Micheletto loves Cesare?

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I’m sorry for all the angst and grimness, I am. )): It’s not like I WANT Stannis to be miserable and Davos to be dead. Ugh. Maybe one day I will write you merry Cesare/Micheletto-esque Stannis/Davos.

You should be sorry for causing so much pain.

I just rewatched the pilot of The Borgias and I juts can’t unsee that. “I believe trust needs to be earned.” - “Perhaps it has been.” And it’s weird how fascinated I am by the idea because Stannis is nothing like Cesare and Davos is DEFINITELY not like Micheletto (other than the unwavering devotion to their master, they couldn’t be more different). I don’t even know why I want that so much. Hgnhhh then again Stannis is as loyal to his family as Cesare is to his; and if he also was as ruthless as Cesare is, he would have cleaned up the court under Robert’s nose while Robert is all magnanimous, like Rodrigo. “Oops, I had my faithful assass- manservant kill the queen, I mean she had a terrible accident, how horrible!” OHMYGOD AND STANNIS BEING AS PROTECTIVE OF RENLY AS CESARE IS OF LUCREZIA BUT WITHOUT THE INCEST.