cesare and micheletto


«Flesh and Blood»

I like to call this photo “and on that day, Micheletto gave no fucks”

or alternatively

“I know my master is talking about deep things but I’m just going to sit on this chair and play with the ash flakes…pretty ash flakes”

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me why the Borgia family is perceived as bad?

I’m going to give you the very short answer which is that they were Spaniards and the very very powerful families of Italy, especially the Roman families were all competing for the throne of Saint Peter as well, so they pretty much all banded together against the Borgia’s because they didn’t want foreigners on the throne. SO they all started rumors about incest and about Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) buying his way in (everyone did this but this is not likely considering that Rodrigo had much less money than the other Cardinals), not to mention they called all of his nieces and nephews his children when there really was no sufficient evidence that they were his kids (this would be bad because Pope’s and Cardinal’s were supposed to be celibate but hardly any actually were). Now there is a possibility that all of these things are true but if actually researched there is no evidence of these rumors being true. Apparently however, there is a diary of the Vatican’s bookkeeper where he writes about the iniquities that occurred during the Borgia pope’s reign. This was told to me by a tour guide of the Vatican who claims to have read it himself. I don’t know if I believe this. Overall however Alexander was not a bad pope in comparison and he didn’t fuck up all of Italy like so many others. His assumed to be son, Cesare Borgia was the first person to ever renounce being cardinal, was rumored to have (for no good reason other than to become Gonfalonier of the papal armies which is actually a pretty good reason) murdered his asshole of a brother, he was known as a ruthless killer and war tactician but in fact he freed many Italian principalities from tyrannical rule, many places welcomed Cesare. He inspired much of the book the Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli which a brilliant read. Cesare and Rodrigo were both rumored to have had sexual relations with Cesare’s sister and Rodrigo’s “daughter” Lucrezia Borgia who was herself rumored to have poisoned many, including a husband, of which she had three. The second was murdered by Cesare’s manservant Micheletto (Valentino’s Executioner they called him) on his master’s orders. But hey we all have our faults.  Overall the family was discriminated against by the not so noble powerful families of a very divided Italy. SO there you go that’s the very short answer.

For more information I recommend the book The Borgias by G.J. Meyer and really nothing else because it’s all trying to paint a certain shiny exciting picture of a villainous Borgia family without focusing on fact.s