Operation Hewett

Aka ‘How to smuggler a force sensitive infant out of The Empire’

One thing that is being assumed is it’s likely there’s a degree of background chaos due to mounting tensions which is used to everyone’s advantage in relation to slipping out of The Empire with baby Hewett 

It’s estimated that all the journey stuff probably takes around a month, this is a totally estimated figure cause I don’t tend to do numbers

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  • Jona contacts Axi after being approached by Hewett’s mother and finding out Hewett is FS 
  • Takes Axi around 1-2 weeks to organise everything on her end.
  • Axi leaves The Sky Queen with Zeva which is at a ‘safe location’ 
  • Axi uses a ‘junker freighter’ to get into Vaiken Spacedock
  • Elessabeth who is ‘technically’ an Imperial Citizen uses that to assist Jona and Cesarch with getting through DK to the spacedock
  • Jona likely uses some sort of military authority to help move things along?
  • Axi knows how to slip through customs but Pierce pulls some assistance to help ‘legitimise’ her presence/cover tracks
  • Axi, Gev, Cesarch, Lissie, Jona and Hewett leave Vaiken and get to the safe location where the ship is held.
  • The junker frieghter is then ditched to make it look as if it’s cut adrift just in case it is tracked 
  • Zeva joins them
  • They journey to Toreth, spend around a week there, Lissie leaves 
  • They then progress from Toreth to Dantooine