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this is the video from Cesar 911 that National Geographic has been taking down. it is being reposted here under the Fair Use law, because quite frankly this needs to be discussed. this video is somewhat graphic and contains images of a dog attacking a pig bloody.

this French Bulldog had killed a young pig before, and in this episode of Cesar 911, Millan unleashes the dog in an enclosed area with multiple piglets. what happens is exactly what anyone with any common sense regarding animals should expect to happen: the dog attacked one of the young pigs. Millan’s plan was to imprint a “positive experience” of pigs on the dog, but what ended up happening was the dog attacked a pig while another handler held the pig in place. in response to this, Millan puts the dog in a down and points at it while making his trademark TSST noise. he then releases the dog, who, to nobody’s surprise whatsoever, once again attacks the pigs.

this is not a man that deserves television shows or magazines telling the general public how to deal with their dogs aggression issues. this is nothing more than unnecessary torture for the sake of television. this is absolutely disgusting. shame on you Cesar Millan. shame on you National Geographic for trying to cover this up.

My mom, talking about how my intact male dog was humping another male at the dog park: “it’s just dominance”

Me, somebody who knows better: “you’ve gotta stop using that word, especially at the park. Dominance theory has been disproved. He’s either really gay or he’s just an over-excited/pushy asshole who fixates on other dogs”

Mom, getting snippy: “dominance has NOT been disproved okay you have to stop saying things just because you read ONE thing online somewhere–”

Me: *sighs in exasperation and walks away because she can’t be convinced that Ceaser Milan is bad or that dogs shouldn’t be eating grains or kibble*

Hey dogblr if you could link me to basically every article you can find regarding the disproval of dominance theory, why CM is a terrible “dog trainer”, and why dogs who hump aren’t just being “dominant” then that would be great. I’m terrible at keeping track of the articles I read. I really oughta bookmark this stuff. But yeah basically my mom challenges me on EVERYTHING I ever say that goes against the dog-raising myths that she grew up with/perpetuates. Every time I say something it’s always “you cab just believe something you read that one time on the internet” and it’s fucking terrible. I’m 22 and she treats any information regarding changing the way I raise my dog as if some uneducated schmuck wrote it and I’ve been tricked into believing it. I used to be a hardcore supporter of CM and even Tia Torres of “pitbulls and parolees” until I took a step back and really researched dog training and other stuff so every time I make a negative remark about them or their methods she gapes like a fish because she can’t comprehend that I dislike them because I learned better. She acts as if I’ve let “crap I read on tumblr” be my only source of information.

Uuggghhhh. Orion isn’t the best-trained dog by any means, and has shitty dog social skills and no I don’t /allow/ him to hump other dogs but he does it anyway and then he’ll fixate on doing it over and over and over again to that dog. It doesn’t matter what I do, either. I’ll put him on leash and get him into a down-stay so he can calm down bit the second I release him he goes straight back to the same dog. Is there even a reason for that aside from “he’s asserting his dominance” because Orion isn’t a “dominant dog” by any means. He’s an asshole, sure, but he doesn’t want to be “in charge”. He’s a 5 year old intact Labrador with shitty social skills. He just is really intent on humping certain dogs, most of which are males (intact or not; it doesn’t matter)

The Tanuki Whisperer

Plot: Nozomi adopts a dog she can’t control and Eli is a dog trainer and help Nozomi is too gay for this.

Pairings: NOZOELI.

SFW (Nozomi is hot n bothered)

Summary: Nozomi can’t evaporate.

A/N:  Sorry it’s so long I couldn’t find a way to end it

This had been the right decision—she swore it to herself.

Sometime in the late afternoon, as she reclined in her couch with her laptop and enjoying a hot cup of tea, she received an urgent email from Rin. Certain it was just another cat meme, Nozomi’s first inclination was to ignore it. Then her cellphone buzzed from across the room and she begrudgingly pulled herself from her comfortable position and saw that Rin was calling her.

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I don’t understand how anyone can possibly defend Cesar Milan.

Abusive training methods aside, the man just clearly DOESN’T UNDERSTAND DOGS.

One specific episode that sticks out to me was with Trinity the bully mix (”pit bull” my ass). She was clearly dog aggressive and got into repeated full-on fights with her housemate. So Cesar takes her away, and we see where Trinity gets in a fight with another dog because for some reason…Cesar didn’t see anything wrong with letting a DA dog walk around, un-muzzled and not on a leash, around other dogs?

So she gets in a fight and Cesar and Trinity’s owner go speak in an RV…and he’s…still letting Trinity…walk around with other dogs. And of course she goes in for the kill and grabs another dog by the throat.

I just don’t understand this man and the worship he gets.

If I hear the word “energy” or “calm submissive” or “TSSSHT” one more time, I’m going to TSHHT him with a neck pinch.

Current book cue:

  • The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman
  • Cuba by Andrew Coe
  • EcoHerbalist’s Fieldbook by Gregory L. Tilford
  • The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens (not the idiot Cesar Milan guy)
  • Wildflowers of Montana by Donald Anthony Schiemann
  • Lentil Underground: Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America by Liz Carlisle
  • Mountain States Foraging by Briana Wiles
  • The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry (!!!)
  • The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman (!!!!)
  • + a DVD from the library about the geology of The Missoula Floods

I really love reading! I’ll write some little reviews and fun facts as I crank through all of these over the next few weeks.


(Official Disclaimer)

Oh my god so I literally just discovered the wonderful amazingness of the ENFJ and therefore I’m still super excited about the fact that you guys even exist. (Cesar Millan–the dog whisperer–I’ve typed him as an ENFJ. thoughts???)

Okay, now that’s out of my system. You’re like. So. Aware. Of how everyone around you is feeling. Wow. That’s incredible. As an ENTJ with my Fe almost completely nonexistent, I can assure you I have nothing but awe (and perhaps a bit of jealousy) for this ability. (Do you know how easy it would be to manipulate people??? No?? Try it on someone and tag me with the results.) (Not joking.)

Another thing I appreciate about ENFJs is that (at least for me) you’re easy to read. I can usually tell what you’re thinking or feeling just by observing your face or body language. This is so, so, so helpful. Thank you.

I love that you’re protective of the people you love. You aren’t afraid to stand up for your friends, family, and children. I love that you’re incredibly sensitive to your loved ones as well. You will always care about them, you will always support them with the best advice you can give them, and you will always see the good in them.

I also love that you’re extroverted without being annoying or hyper.

What we know: 

NBC4 LA is the only camera on the ground for the Animal Control approach of the Dog Psychology Center. The deputy interviewed said that ‘[CM] is known to the department for being good with animals, a good trainer’ and that the allegations of animal abuse were ‘a surprise’. He mentioned that an ‘anonymous caller gave them a tip about the incident’ with Simon and the pig which I shall now optimistically dub ‘The Doom of the Dog Whisperer’. 

They’re specifically investigating how CM went about “training” Simon - his methods are where they’re investigating animal cruelty, and it has nothing to do (yet) about if they’re effective or not. 

CM is out of town on a business trip, according to family, but must respond to the authorities within 24 hours. If he does not, the report mentioned that the department could issue a search warrant of his property, arrest him, or both. 

I’ll keep everyone updated as soon as we know anything more. 

It’s starting, guys. Cesar Millan is hopefully on his way out of the spotlight and might finally be held accountable for his incorrect, misleading and abusive ways. 


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Yeah, I dunno if I could handle a wolf dog hybrid. I have been around dogs all of my life (the majority were big, the one I have now is the smallest I have ever had). The first wolfdog hybrid Cesar helped was such a nerd :3 

Also why does the wolf expert have this crazed look in the eye? Also the fucking tigers coming from Africa comment, my God (see 24:06)… 


TV Guide Interview 2011

  • I don’t bring him a lot, but this was a very hard episode for me, so I needed my Quantum with me. Mark knows that relaxes me, because it’s part of your real life you bring to the set. Harmon has over the years tried to let me know that it’s ok to put my armor down and not have to be on guard all the time.“ - Michael about Mark and his dog Quantum being on set for "Baltimore”
  • I’ve been saying for years that Mark Harmon has Cesar Milan-like dog-whisperer qualities. And now I realize how true that is. My dog is mine until Harmon’s around, and then he thinks Mark is the pack leader.“ - Michael about Mark and his dog Quantum

Photo taken June 2015 by Sherrylephotography

Play time in the backyard.
Does anyone else watch My Cat from Hell? The show has Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy  he goes to peoples home and helps them to understand their cat. His advice is always down to earth. I always laugh when I watch the show My Cat From Hell. I use to watch the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, another awesome show that helps people to understand their dog.

coyotestar  asked:

I remember back when you still were in college. you seemed to have a hugely anti wolfdogs as pets stance- even if the rare few of responsible people had them. it seems like Jude changed that? you've changed a lot, which isn't a bad thing at all, and it seems you've been doing a great deal of good for wolfdogs as a whole in your venture to care for your beasts

I have changed a lot! Jude has certainly helped. I remember being very anti-wolfdog, largely in part because the first real wolfdog I ever met was vicious and had to be put down by his humans, who claimed to be “experienced” wolfdog owners. 

I thought, “well, if experienced owners can’t handle an animal like that, then nobody should, especially if it ends with the animal being put to sleep.” - the notion was perpetuated by a visit to Wolf Haven International in Washington, where I spent a day as a volunteer photographer. 

Wolf Haven International is a great place with some amazing and well-cared-for animals, but they are exceptionally anti-wolfdog, and are single-handedly responsible for the perpetuation of the myth that wolfdogs are confused animals, likely to snap at any moment. The one wolfdog I had met was indeed likely to “snap” at any moment, but that wasn’t on account of his wolf characteristics; it was because his “experienced” owners weren’t actually so experienced after all. They had raised the animal with alpha theory tactics, a la Cesar Milan “The Dog Whisperer”, and their animal was fearful and very reactive as a result. That wasn’t the animal’s fault. 

Now that I have met responsible wolfdog owners in person, and have come to know and understand my own wolfdog, I realize that I was mistaken about these animals. They are not confused and liable to snap for no reason; they are unique individuals with perfectly predictable behavior and personalities. 

I’ve come a long way and will likely go much further as my experiences and research shape my knowledge. I was wrong about these animals - and frankly, I am very glad for it. I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing what I do, if I had remained blinded and set in my ways.